Robyn Bolton explains why Visual Thinking (VTS) sessions improve creative problem solving and critical thinking skills and provide major benefits to executives. “It was quite a sight! A dozen senior executives from a big, conservative financial services firm, all sitting on the floor in front of a painting, talking about what it could mean […]

Umbrex member Steve Wunker worked closely for over five years with the late HBS professor Clayton Christensen, who first popularized the “jobs to be done” approach to innovation. Steve discusses how to apply the “jobs to be done” methodology in Episode 309 of Unleashed. More info on jobs to be done including a quick reference […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Pablo Craievich. Pablo has over 20 years of experience in senior management roles in strategy (McKinsey&Co and ANZ) and in business management, integration and turnaround across a number of industries (e.g. banking, education, retail, telecom and professional services). Throughout his career, Pablo developed strategies to tackle complex industry issues and […]

  Vik Muktavaram applies a few principles of risk management to understand why COVID-19 grew from a risk to a pandemic.  As the federal government finally took the first decisive step in stemming the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US, the images of serpentine lines of arriving international passengers at airports waiting for immigration and […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Steve Rooks.  Steve Rooks has spent the last 25 years driving value creation across many different industries as a private equity portfolio advisor to TorQuest Partners, AMP Capital, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), Sun Capital and TPG Capital, an executive at Avaya and Bell Canada, and a management consultant at […]

  As we become increasingly aware of the prevalence of the conscious or unconscious racial bias, Tobais Baer provides a timely article that may help address and overcome sneaky biases that affect decisions, opinions, and actions.  The tragic death of George Floyd has triggered a global push to fight racial discrimination. There are many ways […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ana Freire. Ana Freire has been working as an independent consultant in New York for over three years, supporting Fortune 200 Companies. Ana has been supporting clients tackle change management, operational efficiency and market assessment initiatives. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Ana worked as a financial analyst at Johnson […]

  In this latest post from Robbie Kellman Baxter, she explains the difference between ad revenue and subscription revenue, subscription pricing, valuable content, and advertising in a subscription-based business.  I have always encouraged organizations to choose a lane when it comes to pricing. The power of subscriptions is that they are a good way to […]

This weekend I’ll be working on my mid-year review. Above are some prompts for reflection, from a tweet by Steve Schlafman. Tiago Forte published his mid-year review – it is inspiring.

  With COVID-19 still plaguing the globe and the threat of a second wave looming, Kaihan Krippendorff has customized a strategy to address, prepare for, and build a strategy for the future. We are dealing with unprecedented change invoked by the COVID-19 pandemic. What we need more than ever is a sense of hope. So, […]

  David Uriarte provides a short forecast on the travel industry post COVID-19. In the travel industry, we are currently living devastating times. During these days, like many others, I try to imagine the future of travel after COVID-19. In this process, analyze the new limits and new opportunities is a common exercise. In Europe, […]

  Surbhee Grover discusses diversity and inclusion and explains why solidarity is the key to forging a new paradigm of equality.  The fashion industry saw one debacle after another in 2018-19 that demonstrated just how wide the gap is between how businesses should behave and how they do. In the recent past, Burberry, Gucci and […]