Christian Ruf shares an informative article on how to improve supply chain network design.  One of the duties I frequently performed as an operations research analyst in consulting projects was optimizing companies’ supply chain network designs. A supply chain is a network that connects suppliers with customers to procure materials, transform them into final products, […]

In this article Alessandro Santo shares key details on digital transformation, what it actually means for your organization, and explains what your first crucial step should be to ensure the process is successful.  What is a digital transformation? That seems like a simple question. But as organizations embark on massive changes, understanding what a digital […]

Andrew Seay shares a few indications that help with supply chain management could deliver big benefits for your company. At some point or another, every company will struggle to manage its supply chain. As sales volumes grow, companies face delivery issues with suppliers, customer expectations seem to increase almost daily and new, high-volume orders bring […]

As the growing issue of waste was exacerbated by the pandemic, the search for solutions is open to creative ideas. In this article, Supriya Sen shares design principles that have worked in other societies to regenerate the environment. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, when I read last week about ongoing public consultations […]

In this article from John Sturdivant, he identifies common problems with a digital upgrade and explains why and when you should not add digital capabilities to your frontline operations.  I was asked an interesting question today, one that I had never thought about before. However, my experience in digital innovation in industrial settings with WorkforceAlpha […]

In this article, Cheryl Lim Tan shares six ways to be a savvy wholesale buyer. The Boutique Hub and Tundra have communities of thousands of buyers who are always looking for more ways to confidently grow their business and make smarter buys. Some of the questions we often receive are around retail best practices for […]

In this article, Stephanie Soler explains how a simple shift in communication can help you to become both a trusted and respected leader. As children, we learn the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. There’s a major flaw in this thinking, and I see it again and again as I […]

Alex Sharpe shares an older but relevant article with links to sources  and on the danger of cybercrime in health technology and other industries.  The cyber industry has a long history of dealing with data and information in both paper and in digital formats. The information in our DNA is different. DNA is who we […]

Morten Stilling shares a company post that explains how a wind farm can harvest renewable energy and food, capture carbon and clean the ocean all at once. OX2 plans to build the offshore wind park Galatea-Galene outside of Falkenberg on the West Coast of Sweden. When planning the wind farm the company looked at using […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Jason Cohen.  Jason is an international management consultant who has been based in Helsinki, Hong Kong, and Singapore, with projects in a dozen or so other countries. He spent 5.5 years at Bain & Co. and consistently was awarded “exceeding expectations” reviews. He has done a broad range of projects, […]

Richard Stuebi shares an article on the evolving opportunities for fossil power generation.  U.S. wholesale electricity markets are in the midst of significant disruption.  One author has called it “The Breakdown of the Merchant Generation Business Model”. Due to ever-improving economics, large quantities of new natural gas and renewables capacity are being added to the […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Praveen Verma.  Praveen is an Independent Consultant operating in Capital Projects and Infrastructure sector across industry verticals such as Oil & Gas, Steel & Chemicals. He has extensive experience in leadership roles in end-to-end program and portfolio management of Greenfield and Brownfield projects located across the world. He has worked […]