David A. Fields shares an article designed to make your day (and maybe your life) a little better with tips on how to be happier as a consulting firm leader. “You don’t have to run a consulting firm, you know. You could return to a corporate role or enter an entirely different profession like law, […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Yann Parer with YP Consult. Yann is a consultant with 4 years’ experience working with McKinsey and Australian boutique firm PQ Partners with extensive experience in mining, technology M&A, business transformation, strategy, and sustainability. Yann serves companies across Australia in projects ranging from group strategy and value chain optimisation to […]


Susan Drumm shares a podcast from the Enlightened Executive series on maintaining self-control and being an effective team leader. “What skills are most important in being an effective leader? Is it the ability to inspire? The ability to be innovative or master strategic decision-making? Jim Hotaling believes that while all these attributes matter greatly, they’re […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Martijn Thierry with Martijn Thierry Strategic Results. Martijn spent seven years at Bain in London and Amsterdam. He was part of the Bain team that set up the Amsterdam office and left as Senior Manager.  Prior to Bain, he gained his PhD on circular business at Erasmus University Rotterdam and […]

Marie-Pierre Schickel shares an older but always relevant post on the value (or lack of) gimmicks in marketing. “Julien Mcdonald and the McDonalds burger. It was in my inbox this coming from TrendWatching’s “Innovation of the Day”. Of course, we also know of Venice film festivals and other red carpets with fast fashion-dressed celebrities, collaboration […]


In this article, Mason Adair takes a look at how design culture differs in countries across the globe and shares a link to the raw data supporting his article. Since culture is people, you can arguably draw conclusions about global differences in design culture by looking at the individuals working in design roles around the […]

Jacob Lehman shares an article on efficiency versus memorability and why context is vitally important in communicating ideas quickly. In fast-paced, demanding work environments, there’s a lot of pressure to communicate concisely (and even quickly). While I certainly wouldn’t argue for wasting time or monopolizing the time of our colleagues (or customers), I believe that […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Amy Cardillo. Amy is a retail and consumer professional with leadership experience at high-growth e-commerce marketplaces (Minted, Wayfair). She specializes in product strategy, go-to-market planning and operational enablement. Previously, she was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group’s Dallas office. She now lives in the Boston metro area with her husband […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Claire de Weerdt with de Weerdt Consulting. Claire is a former McKinsey Consultant and has been running her consulting company, de Weerdt Consulting Inc, for the past year with a focus primarily in strategy and market research. Prior to McKinsey, Claire obtained her MBA from the University of British Columbia and […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Marie-Pierre Schickel as Independent Consultant. Marie-Pierre describes her practice: I have worked in Strategy Consulting for Bain & Co, then Marketing & Brand Management, Post-Graduate Design Education and more recently within the ecosystem of Italian Innovative Start-Ups. With a Graduate degree in Economics from ESSEC Business School and a Master in […]


Gregory Hennessy shares an evergreen article on the structure of power and how it is affected by systems thinking. How is it that those with power seem to gain even more of it over time? And why do the disadvantaged seem to lose what little power they have, becoming increasingly reliant on those in positions […]

In this article, Guillermo Herbozo explains why the goal of sales supervisors is often forgotten. Sales supervisors spend less than 20% of their time developing the skills of their team members. Even worse, the quality of the time invested is not ideal. Absence of a strong dedicated coach is perhaps the largest cause of failure […]