Umbrex is pleased to welcome Theresa Nanigian with TN Executive Coaching. Theresa is an executive coach with a particular expertise in leadership. She works with senior leaders, those in leadership transition and teams to successfully lead themselves and others by taking a future-back approach to sustainable individual/organisational change. Before establishing her coaching practice, Theresa worked […]

  Robbie Baxter shares the latest interview from Subscription Stories. In this article, she interviews Matt Fielder of Vinyl Me on beginning his business and scaling up. What comes next, once you’ve launched your subscription model, you’ve proven that there are people who wanted what you were offering and that those people would continue to […]

  Dan Markovitz provides an article that explores what it means to be a healthy company. What is a healthy person? We can argue over specific metrics, but we’d all agree that we have to account for physical as well as mental/emotional health. What is a healthy organization? As with  individuals, there will be disagreement […]

  Nils Boeffel shares a post that identifies how to ask the right questions to get the information you need.  Many managers are confronted with complex decisions to make, and not enough time in which to make them. One way to help make better decisions more quickly is knowing how to ask questions that get […]

  Paul Millerd shares an article that comments on a capitalist system that has revived Calvinist attitudes towards those who may be less financially fortunate. One thing I absorbed from the culture I grew up in was that someone who didn’t make a lot of money or that spent their time at something deemed a […]

I highly recommend Your Music, Your People, a recently released short ebook by Derek Sivers. You can buy a copy or read the whole thing for free at that link. (How cool is that.) The book is ostensibly written for independent musicians, but the messages apply equally to independent consultants. Here’s a quote: “Marketing means making […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Michael D Pollack with Pollack Consulting.  Michael has over 25 years at driving industry transformation and delivering insights through leveraging best in class analytics. Prior to Pollack Consulting, Michael was a Managing Director at JP Morgan in Asset & Wealth Management where he was the Global Head of the Portfolio […]

  If your home office is a little lacking in motivational and inspirational energy, Susan Meier’s new project may help you redesign a creative space. The project she co-founded with photographer Hallie Burton showcases the inspiring home workspaces and the stories of those who work there. This post profiles the home office and insights of […]

  Barry Horwitz shares an article with a few key pointers on communication best practices that gain better results from research. If you hope to develop an effective strategy, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the external forces that impact your organization. Much of this, of course, can be learned through the inevitable […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sven Sauer with SVEN SAUER HEALTHCARE CONSULTING. Sven has over 25 years of experience in pharma and healthcare with deep knowledge and understanding of the German and various other European healthcare systems. In 2011, he founded SVEN SAUER HEALTHCARE CONSULTING, which successfully provides services to the pharmaceutical and medical devices […]

  With Mother’s Day comes memories of small moments that had a big impact. Robyn Bolton shares a wholly amusing, moving, and inspirational story on innovation found in unlikely places. My Mom was a nursery-school teacher. It was more than her profession, it was her gift. Long after my sister and I were grown and […]

Those of us in the advice business ought to read Henry Oliver’s article “Whose advice should you take?” – full of gems, a 4 minute read. Samples: “The marginal cost of giving advice is way lower than of taking it.” And “What we are seeing is a pattern where advice tends to be good when […]