Jacob Lehman takes a moment to share one of his greatest influences and reflect on how he maintains his values and achieves a work-life balance.  In my work with both corporate clients and job-searchers, I try to keep in mind that a major decision is only correct for the client if it is congruent with […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome John Stoner with John Stoner & Associates. A summary of John’s experience follows. “For the last several years while at Fiserv, I was the President of Biller Solutions and subsequently led a Client Experience initiative as part of the GBS Senior Leadership Team. Prior to Fiserv, I was a partner […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Paul Bloemendal with PRETB Pte Ltd. Paul is active as Enterprise Risk Management & Strategic Reframing Specialist under his companies PRETB Pte Ltd in Singapore and Bloemendal Consults BV in the Netherlands. He brings in extensive experience as commodity trader having managed agricultural sourcing, shipping and trading desks in companies […]

In this article, Dan Markovitz explains why problem framing is more consequential than you might think and offers a link to a book that will help you become a better problem solver.  In 1971, President Nixon declared a “war on drugs.” In 2017, President Trump declared a “public health emergency” to battle the opioid crisis. […]

Frank Mattes shares three ideas, two quotes, and one question on how to sustain stakeholder perseverance. THREE IDEAS Idea 1: Treat stakeholders as internal customers Stakeholders are essential for new-business building, and they should be treated like customers. Just like external customers, stakeholders also seek solutions to their burning problems. And guess what? They are […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Julie Sneider Peller with J Peller Consulting. Julie is currently an independent operations consultant working with clients to improve both their customer experience and improve the efficiency of their operations. She has extensive experience in B2B businesses, healthcare, consumer, retail and weight loss. In addition, she has spent much of […]

In this article, Elias Mazzawi shares a conversation with Stuart Jansze of Eton Bridge Partners  that explores the shifting landscape of mergers and acquisitions and what this means for organizations. I was recently in conversation with Stuart Jansze of Eton Bridge Partners; published on the Eton Bridge website.   The shifting M&A landscape: What does […]


In this article, Jessica Lackey provides three reasons to welcome some FOMO in your business. The call to take on everything at once, to maximize our time, to avoid the opportunity cost of time, is deeply ingrained in our society. Our bucket lists are long. Our intentions are big. And we see on the internet […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Neal Kaufman with Bloomfield Advisors. A summary of Neal’s experience follows. “Over the past 25 years I have successfully led and built organizations and teams through significant periods of expansion and transition, with a focus on raising Capital. My approach to operations focuses on integrating strategic planning, financial projections and […]


Belden Menkus shares a white paper on organizational effectiveness due to the pressure of change, and offers six quickly implemented tools to help you regain commercial momentum. Executive Summary Change often leads to a drop in organisational effectiveness and a loss of commercial momentum. Concern over these negative effects can deter management from making needed […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Benjamin Niedner with Navis Advisory. Benjamin helps corporations, founders and investors create long-term value using private capital. His Venture Capital as a Service solution ( enables family offices and corporate innovators to capture the strategic value of being in control of their own venture capital program — without compromising on […]

In this article, Alex Miller shares valuable knowledge on how to become a successful  corporate buyer. Corporate buyers face unprecedented competition from private equity funds, as well as with traditional and non-traditional competition for the most attractive acquisitions.  Horizontal integration has largely played out in most traditional sectors, and the U.S. Department of Justice is […]