Robbie Kellman Baxter asks and answers what features should be free and what should be paid in a freemium subscription? I get asked all the time what features should be freemium (aka free forever) and what features should go behind the paywall. The answer is, of course, it depends. But here are some useful frameworks. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Daniel Behr. Daniel is an entrepreneurial leader skilled at developing and implementing growth and innovation strategies. He brings a unique combination of experiences in strategy consulting, startups, business development and the commercialization of new technologies in the life and physical sciences. Daniel seeks to help leadership teams figure out “where […]


Carlos Castelan shares a report on the post-COVID impact on high-traffic malls. Malls in the U.S. continue to experience closures in the wake of the pandemic and changing customer behavior. The Background: Walkthrough of “Mall of America” located in Bloomington, Minnesota Goal to understand changing customer experience in leading malls and how stores are changing […]


Chris Moe and Jonathan Willbanks share the results of this year’s Amazon Prime Day. Hi Everyone, It’s us again with a mid-year Amazon update – hope you’re having a great summer! 2021 has been an interesting year on Amazon. Supply chain challenges have remained front and center, just like 2020, and this year at times […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Vasyl Davydko. Vasyl is an independent consultant with expertise in financial services, media and technology. Originally from Ukraine, raised in Spain since age of 13, he started his career at McKinsey Madrid office. He later worked at Amazon Spain, prior to joining as COO one of the leading SME digital […]


Bernie Heine shares a post designed to improve leadership skills by avoiding these seven mistakes. Avoid negative conflicts. Resolving conflicts, both employee- and customer-related, is an area in which all leaders must excel. To address the conflicts in the right way, it is crucial to understand that there are two types of conflicts: Productive conflicts: […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Hugo Teophilo Rufino. Hugo has worked for McKinsey in the practices of financial services, public sector mostly serving clients in strategy, org design, performance implementation and digital transformation Besides McK, he worked for PwC/Strategy&, Altran and as Executive Director for companies in the Tech and Insurance industries He lives in […]


Andrew Hone shares a step-by-step guide to applying top-tier strategic consulting techniques. What is a strategy review? A strategy review is a process to identify new value-creating opportunities within a business. It could be about improving the performance of an existing division. Or it could be about taking advantage of a new market adjacency opportunity. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Neeraj Monga with ANTYA Investments. Neeraj is a top-ranked investment professional with extensive experience in forensic accounting, corporate governance, fundamental equity analysis and thematic research. Over a successful career spanning twenty years in global investing and advice, Neeraj has assisted clients in avoiding torpedo stocks that decimate portfolio performance. Neeraj […]

Amanda Setili shares a concise post on the perception of risk and how it affects the team.  Karen perceives that competitors are moving very quickly, so she feels the leadership team has no option but to be even more aggressive. Jim sees the competitors as foolhardy, so he wants to take a slow and steady […]


In this article, Jared Simmons identifies the difference between intelligence and wisdom and how understanding the difference may improve talent management.  In large organizations, the nature of the work creates a natural tendency toward complexity. And as a leader, it can be very tempting to advance those who seem to have the intelligence to manage […]


David Burnie shares the second article in a series on the future of P&C insurance in Canada.  In our first article outlining the future of P&C Insurance in Canada, we discussed how insurers have been and are continuing to invest in digital transformation agendas in an effort to reshape distribution and service in an industry […]