Umbrex is pleased to welcome Alp Refik. Alp is a seasoned consultant and sales and marketing leader with extensive project implementation and digital transformation experience. Broad industry exposure, from technology to banking to FMCG. Strong commercial and project management skills. Alp has spend last 5 years developing digital marketing solutions for fortune 500 under Google […]

  Robbie Kellman Baxter shares a recent post from her series Subscription Stories. This week, why customer success growth closely aligns to the rise of subscription-based businesses, and how a customer success orientation can help dramatically increase your customer lifetime value. Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, which is often called the Customer Success Company. Nick […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Derek Robinson with Renegade. Derek is a hands-on Strategy advisor with a track record of developing high-impact new business ventures. Derek trained at Bain, Coca-Cola and Cox Media Group before launching Renegade – a boutique collective of ace consultants, built to drive explosive growth for their clients. He lives in […]

  Xavier Lederer shares an evergreen post from his company blog that explains why your management style and communication needs must change as your company grows, and how it can hinder growth if you don’t.  “My company has great growth potential, but I am so stuck in the damn dailies, I can’t find time to […]

  Rahul Bhargava shares an article that identifies the need for intrapersonal intelligence in the workplace. It is important to determine a person’s intelligence at the early stage of life. In doing so, they can receive proper guidance to achieve success in their respective fields. To enhance the intelligence we possess, intrapersonal intelligence plays a […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Xavier Lederer with Ambrose Growth. Xavier was a strategy consultant with Bain & Company for 4 years in Europe (Brussels & Amsterdam office). He is now a business coach, helping CEOs of mid-market companies, who are frustrated by the way their company is growing, redefine their growth strategy/execution and their management […]

  Tobias Baer takes on the role credit bureaus play and misguided government prescriptions in this post.  Credit bureaus are both feared and loathed – feared because their revealing of “sins” of the distant past can dash many a dream such as buying a house or a car, renting a flat, or even just getting […]

  From Johannes Hoech’s company blog, an article that shares the facts and stats on how the pandemic has affected B2B marketing teams and what they can do about it.  For B2B marketers in 2021, a new mandate has become clear: Evolve or perish. As marketing leaders steer their ships through the turbulence of COVID-19, […]

  Jeffery Perry shares a post on how business must walk a fine line between delivering content through digital media and overstepping consumer privacy. In the age of data analytics and digital marketing, businesses have grown in the ability to gain insights into consumer needs based on capturing their behavior and tendencies. Consumers want their […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Markus Gremmel. Markus runs his independent consulting and investment firm with focus on sales, marketing, sales partnerships, and development of business models. Markus has a deep industry expertise in cards, payments, consumer lending, and financial services in general, emanating from a variety of senior roles in banking: e.g., Chief Marketing […]

On his podcast Invest Like the Best, Patrick O’Shaughnessy has a great interview with Jesse Pujji (iTunes), the former CEO and co-founder of Ampush, a leading performance marketing firm. The episode is an excellent introduction to what performance marketing is and how it works. One quote in particular from Pujji really struck me: whenever he […]

  From Jared Simmons’  company blog, a post on why motherhood is a leadership development boot camp. Motherhood builds skills that are competitive advantages in the workplace.  “Motherhood and apple pie” are meant to evoke an image of something universally good – something everyone can agree on. But, like most things about moms, this phrase […]