Ian Tidswell shares a guide on B2B price guidance, why it’s important, and what type of price guidance to give.   (Sorry, this one’s a bit long. It’s also a key to superior B2B pricing) Providing high-quality price guidance to your sales teams as they negotiate with customers can result in measurable profit increases. It really […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Ryan Dipede with RPMD Advisory. Ryan is a former-BCG and McKinsey consultant with 20+ years corporate strategy, operations and M&A experience. Post BCG, Ryan served as Chief of Staff to the CEO and then Chief Operating Office at Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. Ryan then went back to […]

David Edelman shares insights on segment-of-one marketing and the complexity of marketing in today’s multi-channel, personalized segmentation. A bit over 30 years ago, I published an early manifesto about the need to take Segment-of-One Marketing seriously. It was before the Internet, before smartphones, and just at the start of when advanced analytics were getting applied […]

From his podcast, Powering Prosperity, Indranil Ghosh is interviewed by Julianne Sloane, co-founder of Nossa Data. He shares his background and what led him to write his book.   In this week’s newsletter, I share some of my ideas on how to achieve sustainable economic development via an interview with Julianne Sloane, co-Founder of Nossa Data—the […]

Luiz Zorzella shares an article designed to help improve strategy by understanding your net Interest margin (NIM).  If you are a bank executive and want to manage the bank’s business strategically, you must understand the key drivers of your bank’s profitability and the trade-offs they imply. For example, to some extent, banks can trade the […]

David Hensley shares an article on management and leadership styles.  We’ve observed – as we’re sure you have – that different managers and leaders have very different management/leadership styles. And that those styles don’t always fit the expectations of their organisations. We’ve also noted that whilst the miscommunication and dysfunctionality that a mis-match causes in […]

Christophe De Greift shares an article that offers tips on how to focus data analytics on the user.  Alicia and Mateo used to drive to the office and order their purchases from the employee through a handwritten list and cash. The global quarantine changed everything: today they work by videoconference, shop through e-commerce and pay […]

Gather Insights – Reap Strategic Growth In this article, Caroline Taich shares key steps that can be taken towards gathering insights for strategic growth. I have been out talking with organizations about strategic growth. It’s a topic I’ve been attracted to throughout my career. When I think about growth there are three principles that I […]

Carlo Palmieri shares ten key insights from a study on consumer interest in self-driving cars. The Internet of Things is a reality and it is going to permeate our daily lives even more in the near future. From Smart Homes to Wearables and Connected Cars, the applications of Internet of Things are rapidly increasing in […]

Bernie Heine offers advice on balancing analytical and emotional intelligence. Our Neural Networks Don’t Have to be Rivals. In times like these, we are all stressed, fearful, and worried for ourselves and others. Our people are concerned about their jobs and providing for their families. More globally, we are all concerned about the nation’s health […]


During Week One (Report the Facts) of the annual planning process, you may ask yourself questions such as: What are my best sources of project leads? Which sources of leads convert at a low rate? When I lost proposals, what was the reason? While a CRM system such as Pipedrive can help you answer those […]

Kathryn Valentine shares an article published in Fast Company that offers an original approach to preventing burnout and includes tips on how to do it.  As the working mom of a 2- and 4-year old, I have felt it.  This pandemic is exhausting and seems to just. Keep. Dragging. On.  I’m not the only one. […]