Time Management and Meetings Tips


Time Management and Meetings Tips

Michele Ross shares a post and link to a podcast designed to help you with time management and an overwhelmed calendar.

For close to a decade, I felt like a prisoner to my calendar. It was continuously jam packed with meetings that I could not decline regardless of conflicts, low priority, or otherwise (trust me, I tried, and it backfired big time). 

They were usually long, without a clear objective, repetitive, and with the wrong people at the table. 

So I hope that this Fast Company podcast that popped up on my feed this morning can make some rounds and help anyone who feels like I used to. The takeaways are here, and I added in a couple of my own 😉

Meeting Holders:

  1. If you can avoid a meeting, do so – send an email, make a phone call, or simply go about your business. (MR)
  2. Do the pre-work / collect the information, and share it with the meeting invitation – provide the information necessary to come to the final decision so that everyone can go through it in the way that they best digest information. (MR) 
  3. Create an agenda with clear outcomes – to allow for participants to come prepared and keep everyone on track timewise.
  4. Keep sessions to 25-30 minutes – anything more requires a break with movement, water (not coffee), and a quick trip outdoors.


  1. Read the pre-read – heck, go ahead and send questions to the organizer in advance. That might help them prepare even further and avoid other people getting stuck on your same questions. (MR)

  2. Go in ready to contribute – this will keep your mind focused.

  3. Take WRITTEN notes – this makes you an active listener.

  4. Turn off notifications – airplane mode is your friend (if you think you can multitask, you’re wrong… more about that at another time ;)).


To listen for yourself: https://lnkd.in/dRGFrJHj 


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