Kaihan Krippendorff shares an article that explores ecosystem collaboration and how companies are collaborating across the customer journey to venture into new areas of business. In a 2001 commercial, a man sits at his desk in front of a MacBook computer (the Apple logo lets the viewer know). He starts nodding his head along with […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sachin Sanghvi with Nooma Consulting. Sachin is a seasoned strategy and operations professional and brings a unique perspective of experiences as an operator, a private equity value creation leader and a former management consultant in the Operations practice with McKinsey. Sachin co-leads Nooma Consulting focused on helping life sciences and […]

In this company post shared by Sachin Sanghvi, the problem of keeping remote teams on track is identified and signs of dysfunction highlighted.   Once upon a time in the pharmaceutical industry, a grand experiment emerged as a result of an unprecedented global pandemic. White collar workers everywhere were sent home, uncertain of the future of […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Erik Hällström with Hailstorm Venture Partners. Erik managed strategy and operational improvement initiatives at the Boston Consulting Group across a variety of industries (e.g., software, telecom, media, industrial goods & services, consumer goods & services, health care, financial services), serving multinational and emerging company clients in Europe and the US. […]

Teddy Daiell shares an article designed to develop the practice of questioning every assumption you think you know about a given problem with first principles thinking.  Short Description: Reduce a complex situation down to its core, objective facts, removing any subjective preconceptions and assumptions, and then employ reason and logic to reach novel conclusions. Long(er) […]

Sohil Parekh shares ten tips on caring for aging parents when they live in a different country. You are NRI from the USA? Working for MNC with ESOP? Probably you are HNI wanting to make FDI? Previously PIO having OCI? There is GOI scheme. You can open NRO/NRE/FD/DEMAT (but not HUF) with INR. We are […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Volker Wuerttenberger with per homines. Volker is an independent consultant, management trainer and business coach since 2002. In this period he ran numerous improvement programs with reknown firms in the electrical, electronics, chemical and other industries. Prior to that he had spent 6 years with McKinsey & Company inc. and […]

Jayanth Krishnan shares a company article on a company on an improved metric, inspired by Jobs Theory, that addresses CLV’s limitations in addition to making growth and margin the lingua-franca of the whole organization. Abstract:  CLV is a sound quantitative metric provided the data fed to it has a sound basis in customer’s fundamental approach […]

In this article, Jessica Lackey explains the difference between grit and grind to help you improve your performance. I talk about “growing without the grind” for individuals and businesses, and in my talks I sometimes reference magic, manifestation, and the power of recovery. How we can make leaps forward without it being a consistent, unrelenting […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Abigail O’Malley with Hidden Insights Group.  Abbey is a Principal of Hidden Insights Group, a research and consulting firm focused on talent management in financial services. She has done extensive research in increasing diversity of financial advisors to serve a broader customer base and drive performance gains. Previously, Abbey was […]

Anastasia Ksenofontova shares an article designed to help overcome and improve perceived divisions between sales and production departments. Salespeople sell what they know rather than what the clients need. They use personal connections rather than industrial or functional competencies to close the deals. Salespeople do not fully understand the products they are selling. On the […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Hugo Breton with ActionCOACH Halton. Hugo began his career as a business consultant at McKinsey & Company. He led performance transformations in the Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa across the technology, retail, automotive and logistics industries. He later joined Citibank, where he implemented new marketing and retail banking processes. Hugo led […]