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Will Bachman:
Go. Set. Ready.:


Will Bachman

Go. Set. Ready.

Show Notes

Ready, Set, Go! is a great way to start a footrace.

For any artistic or entrepreneurial project, not so much.

When you have a new project in mind, there is no Ready. There is only Go.

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Will Bachman: Go set ready. Hey, welcome to Unleashed, the show that explores how to thrive as an independent professional. Unleashed is produced by Umbrex, and I’m your host, Will Bachman.
Ready set go is a lot catchier. Ready set go is a great way to start a footrace. In a footrace, to be fair, we want everyone to have the chance to start at the same time. But maybe because the rhythm of ready set go seems so natural, and it works so well for a footrace, the idea of ready set go has infiltrated other parts of our life where it doesn’t belong at all. If you are thinking of writing a novel, starting an entrepreneurial venture, or having a child, then ready set go has no place in your thinking. There are no other novelists at the starting line, fingers at the keyboard, standing by for the firing gun. You don’t need to wait for other entrepreneurs to start with you so that everyone has a fair chance of winning the race. And if you’re waiting to write the screenplay or start the business or family, then ready doesn’t come first.
Museum tours won’t make you ready to start painting. No course or book or HBR article will make you ready to run a startup. And no matter how many times you read What to Expect When You’re Expecting, you won’t be ready to be a parent. There is no ready. There is only go. When you go, there’s a certain magic that happens. 100 others have had the idea for the film, the app, the podcast, the video series, the walking tour, the improv sketch. They may be waiting for ready. They may be waiting for a map of the trail. But when you go, you will experience the trail. You may take the wrong fork and reach a dead end, but eventually, you’ll manage to double back and take a more successful route.
And when you reach the destination at the end of the journey, then you will know the terrain, then you will have the map as you have been the one creating the map. At the end of the trail, when you arrive, then you are ready. So go. Hey, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can email me at unleashed@umbrex.com. And if you visit our website, umbrex.com/unleashed, you can sign up for our weekly email list and get transcripts of every episode as well as some bonus features available only to subscribers. And if you’ve listened this far, would love to get a review on iTunes. That would be a huge gift. Thanks for listening.

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