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Pronouncing Your Name:


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Pronouncing Your Name

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In this short 2-minute episode, I share a LinkedIn trick that you can use to show people how to pronounce your name.


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A there’s a neat feature on LinkedIn that came out Oh, I think in the fall of 2020, you may have seen it already. But if you haven’t, you can now show people how to pronounce your name on LinkedIn. And that’s helpful if you have a name that sometimes people mess up. I mean, if your name is Jane Smith, you maybe don’t need to do this. But for everyone else, what you do is if you when you go to your profile, and you’re in sort of editing mode on your profile, right next to your name, you can click on it.

And there’ll be a little kind of microphone sort of thing. And what you can do then is you can record your name, and you and then save it. And you have to do this with the LinkedIn app. So, if you go, you have to be editing on the app on the LinkedIn app. So, if you go to your profile on the app, click on that you can record how to pronounce your name with the app, and then save it. And it just takes 30 seconds to get the whole thing done. And then if you have a name that that is a little bit maybe harder for some people to pronounce, they’ll be more comfortable. And in my experience, it’s a little bit of a psychological block. If you don’t know how to pronounce someone’s name, you’re almost reluctant to reach out to them and contact them, because you don’t want to embarrass yourself. And if you do know how to pronounce someone’s name, it’s going to be easier to remember them. So, we all want to be memorable and contactable. So take 30 seconds and go to the LinkedIn app, and share people how to pronounce your name. That’s it for this episode. If you go to umbrex.com slash Unleashed, you can sign up for the weekly email for this podcast. I’ll send you an email each week with a list of all the recent episodes and a brief description of each one. And occasionally we add some bonus material.

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