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Effective Headlines:


Will Bachman

Effective Headlines

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Is your LinkedIn headline totally generic? Something like “Independent consultant” or “Freelance consultant”?

This episode is about LinkedIn headlines that tell a story and capture the attention of potential clients.

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Does your LinkedIn headline tell your story? Hey, welcome to Unleashed the show that explores how to thrive as an independent professional. I’m your host, Will Bachman. Some independent management consultants have a LinkedIn headline that is a variation of independent management consultant, or freelance consultant or experienced consulting professional. A headline like that doesn’t convey much information and it’s a lost opportunity. Some other examples don’t tell you that much. consultant Coach, an angel investor, what is this person’s focus? If you were a client looking for a consultant, would that headline grab you? What about strategy consultant founder and owner of Smith consulting? Well, we haven’t heard of Smith consulting. So that has low information, no nutritional value, it’s just empty calories. Consider instead the following LinkedIn profiles, which give a much richer understanding and tell a story about these consultants practice. Here’s one from Belinda Lee Umbrex. Remember helping mission driven organizations fuel financially sustainable growth for greater social impact? A lot of people are gonna say, That’s not me. I don’t need to talk to Belinda. And that’s what she wants, right? Because the people who it does relate to, you know, it’s going to ring a bell for them and it allows people to self sort and it tells people who she serves. Let’s do another one. Paul Millard, future of work, freelance strategist helping people imagine life beyond work, human side of work podcast that tells you a lot about what Paul does. Right? He’s future of work is a podcast about the human side. Robbie Kalman Baxter, author, comma, the membership economy semi colon, advisor to the world’s leading subscription based companies. Boy in a nutshell tells you she’s written a book about this thing and who she serves. Odin, woollen, Bain, I help leaders in the social sector develop strategies for social system change. That tells you a story. It’s a little nutshell. So those headlines are not generic. If you aren’t target audience, you know it and you can move on. But if you run a subscription based company, and you see Robbie Kellman, Baxter’s headline, there’s a good chance you’re gonna click on it. And if you’re running a mission driven organization and you’re trying to grow, you’re more likely to click on Belinda’s headline than if she had said, management consultant, or even consultant to nonprofit organizations. If you have crafted a LinkedIn headline that really captures your essence, please send it to me. I’ll feature collection them on a future episode, you can email me at unleashed@umbrex.com. And if you’d like to meet a react to your LinkedIn headline and offer a suggestion, email me and I will take a shot at it. If you visit, ask unleashed.com you can record a question that I will try to answer in a future episode. You can also sign up for the weekly email that I send out that as a summary of each episode as links to download transcripts of past episodes and as a bonus features Unleashed is a production of Umbrex which is the world’s first global community connecting top tier independent management consultants with one another can learn more about umbrex@umbrex.com. That’s UMBR X. Thanks for listening

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