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Will Bachman:
April Fool’s Resolution:


Will Bachman

April Fool’s Resolution

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Time to make your April Fool’s Resolution.

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What is your April Fool’s resolution? Hey, welcome to Unleashed the show that explores how to thrive as an independent professional. I’m your host Will Bachman. So we all know about New Year’s resolutions. But what is an April Fool’s resolution? Number one, it’s foolish because it’s such an insignificant and tiny promise, so easy and trivial to accomplish, that it hardly makes sense to give it the grandiose title of a resolution examples to meditate for one breath, to do one pushup, when you get up in the morning, were to take one carrot out of the refrigerator each morning, fans of BJ Fogg will recognize these as tiny habits. Number two reason that it’s foolish is because by the time April Fool’s day comes, you will already have incorporated this resolution into your routine. And number three, no one makes an April Fool’s resolution, it isn’t a thing, at least not yet. And Daniel Pink’s book when the scientific secrets of perfect timing, he writes about how beginnings matter how when we start something new, it’s helpful to have a meaningful beginning date that can serve as a marker. But we don’t need to wait for New Year’s. Pink says that there are 86 days that are effective for making a fresh start, including the first day of the month, Monday’s, your birthday, and so on. One thing that helps is if you start something fresh together, so I so I hope that you’ll join me today and start your April Fool’s resolution. And by the time April 1 rolls around, you’ll already have a week of practice. So my April Fool’s resolution is no more reading the New York Times The Washington Post or political on my phone, I’m allowed to actually go and buy the actual newspaper, but I won’t visit those sites on my phone, or on my web browser. I can goof off on other sites, just not those three. Now, I’ve gotten a little headstart on this April Fool’s resolution and so far, after 12 days, it has reduced my screen time by over 30 minutes per day. That’s one small step. So I’d love to hear about your April Fool’s resolution, you can email me at unleashed@umbrex.com. And if you visit, ask unleashed.com you can record a question that I will try to answer on a future episode. You can sign up for the weekly email that I send out that includes a summary of each episode, and links to download the transcripts plus bonus features. Unleashed is a production of Umbrex, which is the world’s first global community connecting top tier independent management consultants with one another. You can learn more about umbrex@umbrex.com as you mb RX as an umbrella of excellence. Thanks for listening.

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