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Will Bachman:
Client Experience – 5 of 6:


Will Bachman

Client Experience – 5 of 6

Show Notes

This is part five in a six-part podcast miniseries on how to improve the client experience.

In this episode, I share tips on how to provide a great client experience during the wrap-up phase.

Episodes 129-133 cover the five phases of a project lifecycle:

  1. The proposal phase
  2. Onboarding / kickoff phase
  3. Project execution
  4. Wrap-up
  5. Post-project

I learned this five-part framework from David A. Fields, and encourage everyone to visit his website:


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Will Bachman 00:00
Welcome to Unleashed. I’m your host Will Bachman. Today is the fifth episode in our six part mini series on enhancing the client experience. Episode 128 kicked off the mini series with an intro. Episode 129 provides tips on enhancing the customer experience during the proposal phase, Episode 130 focus on the kickoff phase, Episode 131 discuss the project execution phase. And today’s episode has some tips on the wrap up phase. We’ve already had a final progress review. So we are now in that closeout phase. So without further ado, let’s get to list of ideas. Number one, package up the final deliverables. consultant J. Martin does a really nice job of this, create a folder of all the key files you created over the course of the project. And also create a spreadsheet that lists all those files with columns for file name, format, and brief description and perhaps who created that file. Hand over these files via Dropbox or Box or a USB thumb drive. Or however the client prefers to get the information and include not just the files that you created, but all the files that were received from the client in some organized fashion because not all client team members in the future may have ready access to those files that were so hard to pull together. Number two, have a call or meeting with the client to walk them through this set of handover documents. Number three, identify the point person who will be responsible for overseeing that the next steps of the project get done, and make sure that you’ve identified owners for each of those individual next steps. Number four, ensure that someone at the client understands the Excel model that used if, if, if appropriate, and how to update it. Number five, outline any recommended training or skill development that the client should consider and discuss that with the senior client owner. Number six, provide that senior client with a one pager on the next steps or key actions or timeline as a reference one page that the person can tape up or on their bulletin board above their desk as an easy reminder of what has to happen next. Number seven, schedule a follow up check in meeting with the client just get on your calendar and their calendar now at maybe one or two or three months out depending after the wrap up. So you have it scheduled and you have a reason to call them in the future. Number eight, conduct meetings with the client to receive feedback on the project. And then share that feedback that you received with a senior client even the negative feedback and address any opportunities for improvement that you heard. Number nine, provide feedback to clients, at least to those who you believe will be receptive to it. Number 10 to the senior client provide confidential feedback on client team members. Obviously, you be careful with this. But you have to decide if it’s appropriate or not. Number 11 submit your invoice promptly in the clients preferred format with all the required documentation, including the purchase order number, and make sure you get to the right people. It’s no fun for the client if they have to chase you for your invoice. Number 12. Connect on LinkedIn with any clients that you worked with. If you haven’t done that already. Number 13. Have some kind of closing celebration with a client maybe a dinner, something fun. Number 14. provide some kind of physical object to memorialize the project if it was a major effort. Number 15. Send handwritten thank you notes to people who helped out. Number 16. clean out your team room and destroy any confidential information. Number 17. return any physical assets that belong to the client. And number 18. return your security badges or any kind of keys to the team room handles over to security. So tune in to our next episode for tips on how to enhance the client experience in the post wrap up phase. And if you found this episode helpful, I hope you’ll share it with a friend or share on social media or write a review on iTunes that helps other people discover the show. If you sign up for the weekly Unleashed email, you’ll receive a checklist that includes all the tips in this mirror mini series. And also every week you’ll get the transcript for the episodes that were published. Some book recommendations and consulting tips thanks For listening

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