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Location Independence:


Will Bachman

Location Independence

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Not every job has a fixed location, but job-posting websites seem to think they do.

There should be an option to list “Remote” as the location.

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Welcome to Unleashed I’m your host Will Bachman. Not every job has a location. But most job websites think they do. The world is changing. And not every job is tied to a desk in a particular city, including full time roles. For example, a friend of mine who’s head of sales for the US, she can live anywhere since she’s on the road, most weeks visiting customers or branch offices and only visits headquarters once a month or so. On every traditional job website that I’ve seen, you’re forced to select a location when you’re posting a role, you need to pick a city where the job is based. And that those job websites include LinkedIn includes the alumni sites of consulting firms who you think would know better the alumni sites of colleges and business schools and includes indeed.com monster.com. And, and every traditional job website that I’ve seen, they all require you to pick a city, as if every employee still commutes to a cubicle at a desk somewhere. And that causes inefficiencies. So for example, a company and let’s say it’s based in New York City, would be happy to hire someone based anywhere in the US. But they’re forced to select a location and so they pick New York City. And perhaps the best candidate who lives in Atlanta, who has no desire to move to New York City would probably be searching for roles near Atlanta. So that’s what she filters on, even though she’d be the perfect person to be that head of sales for the company based in New York. So the company and that best candidate don’t connect. So kind of a message to job board managers, please add more flexible options to the location field that will help both employers posting roles, as well as candidates searching for roles. Now, the ideal location field in my mind would allow the employer to specify boundary conditions on the geography. So you might have options that go such as the following remote, hyphen, work anywhere in the tri state area, like New York, New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, for example, or remote, hyphen, work anywhere in the eastern US, or remote work anywhere in the continental United States or remote. work anywhere in North America, or remote work anywhere on an Eastern Standard timezone schedule, or remote work anywhere on the planet. If you use job sites, consider sending them a link to this episode and ask them to add remote as a location option a hope all of us. If you found this episode, thought provoking, I hope you’ll share it with a friend mention it on social media, or review it on iTunes that helps the show get discovered by other people who might find some value in it. And if you haven’t already, please visit umbrex.com slash Unleashed to sign up for our weekly Unleashed email which includes transcripts of each episode, book recommendations and consulting tips. Thanks for listening.

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