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Texas Email Intros:


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Texas Email Intros

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Welcome to Unleashed I’m your host Will Bachman I have been guilty in the past of making what I now refer to as a Texas email intro. It goes like this. Abilene, please meet Austin. Austin please meet Abilene. Both of you are from Texas and I thought you might want to connect all the best. Well, you may agree with me that this email introduction is not doing anyone any favors. Abilene and Austin have no real reason to speak with each other. Another in this both going to awkward position of they don’t want to just ignore my email, but they don’t really want to call each other either. So I’m not really helping them out. So now I try to follow the three principles when making email introductions. Number one, be clear about the immediate reason for the two people to connect. Example. Gloucester please meet my good friend Lear. Lear has three daughters and is doing some estate planning. And I suggested to him that he really ought to speak with a professional to go through all the tax consequences. And I knew you’d be able to connect him with someone great at your firm number to provide some context on my relationship with each person and where to learn more about them. Gloucester colon, Leah has been a friend since his youngest daughter was in the same archery class as my daughter. And I would include a hyperlink on Lior with a link to layers LinkedIn profile or some other bio. And then Lear. Colin, Gloucester is our firm’s attorney and we give his firm our highest recommendation and on Gloucester, include a hyperlink to his LinkedIn profile or his bio at the law firm. Number three, be clear about who should take the next step. So, so Gloucester, ball is in your court, please let Kent Lear’s assistant, see seed know some good times for you to connect later this week for an introductory call? Is anything missing? What do you think makes a great email introduction? You got a nice email introduction horror stories, send me a note at unleashed@umbrex.com Hey, thanks for listening. If you found this episode, thought provoking or helpful, help us share it with a friend or mention it on social media or review it on iTunes that helps the show get discovered by other people who might find some value in it. And if you haven’t already, please consider visiting umbrex.com slash Unleashed. You can sign up for our weekly Unleashed email which includes transcripts of each episode, book recommendations and consulting tips. Thanks for listening

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