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Right-Side-Up Filenames:


Will Bachman

Right-Side-Up Filenames

Show Notes

Do the filenames you use demonstrate right-side-up thinking?

That is, are you naming your files from your perspective, or from your client’s perspective?

Small cues matter.

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Welcome to Unleashed. I’m your host, Will Bachman, a question for you today. Do the file names you use as a consultant reflect right side up thinking. First, let me define right side up thinking, which is a phrase I learned from David A. Fields. In his book, The era’s consultants guide to winning clients where he explains that quote, consulting isn’t about you, it’s about them. In other words, always think from your clients perspective. Okay. So let’s say that I have prepared a proposal for company XYZ for a growth driver strategy project. What should the file name be? Well, from my perspective, for me to be able to find this proposal among all the other proposals I’ve prepared in my life, it might make sense for the file name to be proposal to company XYZ dash final dot PDF. If it’s the only proposal I’ve ever sent to company XYZ, that would be enough to identify it for me. Of course, from the clients perspective, they may have received a proposal or two in the past. So this file name is not very informative. a better name would be proposal from the Bachman group dot PDF. Now at least the client can differentiate this proposal from that of any other clients who submitted one. But it is just possible that the client may have done some other project in the past, or have some other project planned for which they have received or are receiving other proposals. And the file name proposal from the Bachman group dot PDF doesn’t give any information on what this project is for. So better file name still would be project from the Bachman group dash growth strategy project dash, first quarter 19 dot PDF. The same principle holds for any document I send a client, so not so good would be final progress review dash company XYZ dot PDF. What’s wrong with that one? It may be my final meeting with company XYZ, but that doesn’t mean it will be the client’s last discussion on the matter. And again, it doesn’t refer to which project. I am only doing one project with them, let’s say but they might have other projects in play. So a better file name is growth strategy project dash decision meeting, dash 18 oh 331 dot PDF. file names may seem like a trivial aspect of a project, but they provide subtle clues cues to your client. Do you think that the problem from from your perspective or are you thinking about the problem from the clients perspective? If you found anything in this episode helpful, I hope you’ll share it with a friend. And maybe you’ll share it when you notice a filename that doesn’t reflect right side up thinking. Sharing a link on Twitter or LinkedIn helps make others aware of these ideas and I appreciate you spreading the word. Also note. If you visit umbrex.com slash Unleashed you can sign up for the weekly Unleashed email, which includes the transcripts of each episode, book recommendations and consulting tips. Thanks for listening

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