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We have also provided instructions for customizing the PowerPoint templates below. Click here to return to the main PowerPoint resource page.

Instructions for customizing the PPT templates

This video gives instructions on how to update the logo and the color scheme on the PowerPoint templates from our download deck.

The video shows how to update your logo by changing the text, but it doesn’t show how to insert your actual logo.
Here’s how to do that:

To replace the text box “Your Logo Here” with your actual logo, follow these steps:

  • Go to: View / Slide Master
  • Go to the main slide, number 1
  • Delete the text box that says “Your logo here.”
  • Then: Insert > Picture. And browse your computer for your logo.
  • Resize your logo and drag it to space where the text box had been

You can also check out other resources we have created for independent consultants that you may find helpful: