Buying into Brand Reputation Management

Tanya Khotin tackles the issue of full disclosure when it comes to brands buying into the divestment bandwagon and claims of investments that uphold environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

A Framework for Brand Messaging

Jonathan Paisner addresses the issues that arise when communication fails between corporate marketing and product marketing and provides a framework that can help align brand messaging.

The P, B, and Hopefully J of a New B2B Brand

When two B2B companies merge, what is the best way to brand a new entity at the corporate level? Jonathan Paisner provides concise steps on how to move the new brand forward.  

How to Fix a Broken Brand

In the second of this three part series, Jonathan Paisner explains how a shifting business strategy can break your brand – and what you can do to fix it.

Marketing Innovations and Insight

James Black asks and answers the crucial question of “so what” to identify key takeaways on brand marketing insights from the new IRI pacesetters list.

What is Inattention Doing to Your Brand?

Jonathan Paisner has compiled a three-part series about B2B brand management that highlights the symptoms, causes, and cures for a broken brand. This post deals with the issue of inattention.