Stop the Churn: How AI Can Improve ROI

Karthik Rajagopalan’s company blog explains how machine learning models can facilitate a deeper understanding of the drivers of churn, leading to better solutions that can help customer retention for subscription businesses.

An Intelligent Automation Primer

Get a quick introduction to the fundamentals and terminology of intelligent automation with this infographic from David Burnie’s company blog.

Masterclasses in Cybersecurity and Deep Learning

Edgar Perez is giving masterclasses in Deep Learning: Algorithms, Architectures and Applications in London, April 3-5; and Understanding, Preparing and Responding to Cyber Threats, in London 8-10.

Preparing Employees for Artificial Intelligence

A recent blog from David Burnie’s company examines how to engage and prepare employees for the change towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the workplace.

Learn More about the Role of Artificial Intelligence

Edgar Perez asks if Artificial Intelligence’s facial-recognition techniques will help end school shootings. He explores the role of AI in society in further detail in three upcoming programs with Terrapin Training, GLC Europe, and GLDNAcademy.

Facing the Transition to Artificial Intelligence

Soyini Coke takes a look at the mega trending topic of artificial intelligence to discover what that means for the workers being displaced by AI, and what steps mid-market leaders can take to make the transition easier.

Are You Ready for the Automation Revolution

As the use of AI in the workplace increases, Soyini Coke takes a look at look at the workers being displaced by AI, and how leaders in the mid-market can take steps to make the continuing transition to automation better for the human workforce.