Coach Yourself 365: One Year of Daily Questions

At Umbrex we believe that continued personal growth and development is a vital part of both one’s career and life. We have developed this series of Self-Coaching Questions — a daily email with a reflective question on a variety of topics, listed below. If you would like to subscribe to the daily question, you may […]

Top 500+ LinkedIn Content Creators

LinkedIn is a great platform for independent consultants to grow their network and establishing their expertise. One strategy for doing this is to follow big LinkedIn accounts and try to be one of the first people who comment on their posts. You want to look for people with a large number of followers who are […]

How to Create a Consulting Firm Overview

It’s helpful for independent consultants to have a consulting firm overview document that clearly and succinctly presents their services, qualifications, and offerings for potential clients. Consultants are often asked to send a potential client a one-pager, or someone would like to recommend you to a colleague and requests something to share with that person. You […]

How to Build a Consulting Website

For independent consultants who want to create a professional website for their practice and aren’t sure how to get started, we’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to build a website in one day. The guide covers identifying your goals for the website and your positioning, deciding what content to include, and selecting what platform […]

How to Start a Podcast: 15-Step Checklist

How to Start a Podcast: 15-Step Checklist

Podcasts are a good way to provide value for your audience, build relationships with potential clients, learn from experts in the field, and raise your visibility. Learning how to start a podcast can capture all this for your consulting business. Imagine a client is considering engaging your support for a project on topic X. The […]

How to Create a Newsletter: 12-Step Checklist

How to create a newsletter

A newsletter can be an excellent vehicle for an independent professional to stay top of mind with potential clients. Many consultants wonder how to create a newsletter, but hold off actually starting because getting it launched seems overwhelming. We spoke with more than 20 independent consultants on how they started their own newsletter, and distilled […]