Create Your Own Internship Playbook

In a competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is essential. One way to do this is by creating your own custom internship.  This playbook outlines a new approach to internships. The traditional approach is that students apply to existing, posted opportunities and wait to be chosen. This new approach is a proactive one […]

Project Kickoff Toolkit

The Umbrex Project Kickoff Template Toolkit

The Umbrex Project Kickoff Template is a deck of PowerPoint slide templates for a Project Kickoff. These slides can be adapted and used by independent management consultants. Request the Umbrex Project Kickoff Template The Project Kickoff Template includes slides for: Project Kickoff Agenda Project Charter Project Objectives Problem Statement Project Scope Deliverables Resources Timeline Key […]

Competitive Intelligence Playbook

The Umbrex Competitive Intelligence Playbook is a comprehensive guide designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and tools to conduct effective competitive intelligence on an ongoing basis or in specific scenarios, such as commercial due diligence during a merger or acquisition. Request the Umbrex Competitive Intelligence Playbook Umbrex Competitive Intelligence Playbook Table of Contents Introduction […]

Commercial Due Diligence Playbook

The Umbrex Commercial Due Diligence Playbook is a guide to conducting a comprehensive investigation into a business or individual before signing a contract, acquiring a company, or undertaking any significant transaction or partnership. Request the Umbrex Commercial Due Diligence Playbook Table of Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: About Commercial Due Diligence 1.1 The Importance of Commercial […]

Executive Handover Playbook

The Executive Handover Playbook: Checklists for a Best Practice Transition is a guide to creating a formal process when handing over a managerial role from one executive to another. This playbook includes a set of comprehensive checklists to ensure a flawless transfer. Request the Umbrex Executive Handover Playbook The playbook includes detailed checklists for: ORGANIZATION […]

RFP Playbook

The RFP Playbook: Checklists, Templates, and Best Practices for an Effective Procurement Process was developed by Umbrex as a resource to help you create a formal process for Requests for Proposals (RFPs). This playbook is a detailed guide to to each step of the RFP process and includes checklists, examples, and templates. Request the Umbrex […]

Mental Math Reference Guide

Independent management consultants often need to make quick “back of the envelope” estimates. This reference guide provides data points across multiple sectors for making such estimates. If you would like to be notified via email when new reference points are published, you can do so below. Please subscribe me to Mental Math notifications Go to […]

Voice of the Customer Interview Guide

Due diligence and market assessments often include a workstream called “voice-of- the-customer,” in which a consultant interviews a set of customers of a target company or industry. An important first step of this workstream is to develop an Interview Guide containing questions to be asked during each discussion. The Umbrex Voice of the Customer Interview […]

B2B Survey Question Bank

This document provides a comprehensive list of B2B survey questions that might be used when writing, fielding and analyzing B2B surveys on behalf of private equity clients for due diligence and corporate clients for all types of market research. This survey question bank includes all the categories of questions used in B2B surveys. Request the […]

PESTEL Analysis Playbook

A PESTEL analysis provides a framework to analyze the macro-environmental factors affecting an industry and the companies operating within it. PESTEL stands for: Political Economic Social Technological Environmental Legal Umbrex has developed this playbook to guide you through conducting PESTEL Analyses. It includes a list of detailed questions for each of the six areas, as […]