Better Bullet Points to Win More Projects

Often, clients or intermediaries will ask you to share bullet points that detail your relevant experience. This resource provides: The job of a bullet point The two types of good bullet points DOs and DON’Ts Bad examples Good examples Additional resources 1. The Job of a Bullet Point The job of a bullet point is […]

Top 500+ LinkedIn Content Creators

LinkedIn is a great platform for independent consultants to grow their network and establishing their expertise. One strategy for doing this is to follow big LinkedIn accounts and try to be one of the first people who comment on their posts. You want to look for people with a large number of followers who are […]

100+ Ideas for Using Time Productively Between Projects

We all have gaps between projects from time to time that leave space for other activities. Umbrex has curated this list of 100+ ideas for using your time productively between projects. We’ve provided links to some activities as relevant. Do you have an idea you’d like to contribute for using your time productively between projects? […]

Business Coaches for Independent Consultants

A professional business coach can often help an independent consultant take their practice to the next level. There are many coaches who may have some consultants as clients, but the coaches listed here are those who focus exclusively on serving independent consultants and boutique consulting firms. Coaches: Click any name to go directly to that […]

How to Create a Consulting Firm Overview

It’s helpful for independent consultants to have a consulting firm overview document that clearly and succinctly presents their services, qualifications, and offerings for potential clients. Consultants are often asked to send a potential client a one-pager, or someone would like to recommend you to a colleague and requests something to share with that person. You […]

Best Event Venues – Corporate & Private Events

At Umbrex we believe a certain magic happens when the right people meet in the same room; connections form that can’t be created through in a videoconference. Over the years we have organized more than 300 in-person corporate events around the world for our members, in private event venues. Finding the right location for a […]

How to Solicit Client Feedback

Obtaining feedback from clients allows independent consultants to understand areas of their work that are highly valued, as well as provide insights into areas that need improvement. This resource offers strategies on how to solicit client feedback and how to use it effectively. Client feedback can: Strengthen the relationship Identify things the client might tell […]

SEO Best Practices for Independent Consultants

SEO Best Practices for Independent Consultants

This resource provides a guide to SEO best practices for an independent consultant to implement into their website, if they wish to optimize for discovery and rank higher in Google search results. Contents You can click any section to go directly there: What is SEO? Should you invest time and money in SEO? Keyword strategy […]

Best Practices for Working with Staffing Firms

When you’re setting up your consulting practice, you may want to get set up with various intermediaries in your industry that connect clients to independent consultants. This resource walks you through the best practices for working with staffing firms. Contents You can click any section to go directly there: Get clarity on the work you […]

How to Build a Consulting Website

For independent consultants who want to create a professional website for their practice and aren’t sure how to get started, we’ve created this step-by-step guide on how to build a website in one day. The guide covers identifying your goals for the website and your positioning, deciding what content to include, and selecting what platform […]