Field Guide to Sales Methodologies

The Umbrex Field Guide to Sales Methodologies

This book will not offer a comprehensive explanation of every nuance of every sales methodology you encounter. Rather, like a field guide you’d carry with you to identify the flora or fauna on a walk through nature, this book will help you identify sales methodologies you encounter in the wild. The Umbrex Field Guide to […]

Sales Operations Diagnostic Guide

The Umbrex Sales Operations Diagnostic Guide is a comprehensive guide for conducting a diagnostic of a company’s sales operations. The guide includes: Data Requests: Information to gather before starting the diagnostic Diagnostic Checklists: Five checklists to make sure you cover everything Interview Guides: Questions to ask front line sales reps, managers, and heads of sales […]

How To Set Consulting Fees

How to set consulting fees

For independent consultants, decisions about how to set fees and what methods to use for fee quotes are critical elements of their practice and its success. This guide shares some best practices for setting consulting fee structures, along with examples and resources. Contents Two decisions for setting fees The four basic fee structures Benchmarks Choosing […]

How To Find Clients For Your Consulting Practice

The Umbrex Guide: How to find clients

While there might not be a magic button to find clients for your consulting practice, there are some specific approaches and strategies you can adopt that will provide a systematic framework for targeting — and reaching — your ideal clients. Contents Adopt the mindset of a marketer Identify your ideal target client Craft your fishing line […]

How to Write a Consulting Proposal

How to Write a Consulting Proposal: Guide and Templates

The consulting proposal is a cornerstone of an independent consultant’s business. This resource will guide you through how to write a consulting proposal for your client projects, with tips and examples. Contents Should you even write a proposal? Context Discussion with the client Additional questions to ask Ask the client to write the proposal (essentially) […]

Best Channel Management Podcasts

At Umbrex, we work with clients to optimize their partner ecosystems to best support their organization’s overall sales efforts. Our consultants use comprehensive assessments of channel performance and customer expectations to align their sales channels for maximum ROIs and to expand into new regions and customer groups.  Examples of recent projects include: Reducing complexity within […]

Best Sales Effectiveness Podcasts

At Umbrex, we work with organizations to accelerate revenue growth through sales transformation. By helping clients gain a comprehensive understanding of their target customer groups and their competitors, we are able to further advise on best practices to engage and enable sales. Examples of recent projects include: Aligning sales territory with target customer groups and […]