Create Your Own Internship Playbook

In a competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is essential. One way to do this is by creating your own custom internship.  This playbook outlines a new approach to internships. The traditional approach is that students apply to existing, posted opportunities and wait to be chosen. This new approach is a proactive one […]

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Coach Yourself 365: One Year of Daily Questions

At Umbrex we believe that continued personal growth and development is a vital part of both one’s career and life. We have developed this series of Self-Coaching Questions — a daily email with a reflective question on a variety of topics, listed below. If you would like to subscribe to the daily question, you may […]

100+ Ideas for Using Time Productively Between Projects

We all have gaps between projects from time to time that leave space for other activities. Umbrex has curated this list of 100+ ideas for using your time productively between projects. We’ve provided links to some activities as relevant. Do you have an idea you’d like to contribute for using your time productively between projects? […]

500 Questions to Ask Your Parents

Engage in Deeper Conversations, Discover Surprising Stories, and Preserve Your Family’s History. Umbrex has developed this resource with 500 questions you can ask your parents across different categories. The document of questions is available in: English Spanish French Request the Questions: English Version Solicitar las preguntas: Versión en español Demandez les questions: Version Française