Talent Management Diagnostic Guide

The Umbrex Talent Management Diagnostic Guide is a comprehensive guide for conducting a diagnostic of a company’s talent management operations. The guide includes: Data Requests: Information to gather before starting the diagnostic Diagnostic Checklists: Six checklists to make sure you cover everything Interview Guides: Questions to ask COO, HR officer, and heads of talent, development, […]

Library of Policy Documents

Increasingly, more clients are requiring all vendors — including boutique consulting firms and even independent consultants — to have a set of written policies. The Umbrex Library of Policy Documents is a collection of individual policies that are written for boutique consulting firms and independent consultants. We encourage you to edit these draft policy templates […]

Executive Handover Playbook

The Executive Handover Playbook: Checklists for a Best Practice Transition is a guide to creating a formal process when handing over a managerial role from one executive to another. This playbook includes a set of comprehensive checklists to ensure a flawless transfer. Request the Umbrex Executive Handover Playbook The playbook includes detailed checklists for: ORGANIZATION […]

Email Deliverability Playbook

Umbrex has developed this Email Deliverability Playbook as a resource to help you ensure that your emails achieve high deliverability rates, are delivered to the intended audience, and have the best chance of being opened and read. Email Deliverability refers to the ability of an email message to successfully reach the recipients’ inboxes without being filtered […]

100+ Ideas for Using Time Productively Between Projects

We all have gaps between projects from time to time that leave space for other activities. Umbrex has curated this list of 100+ ideas for using your time productively between projects. We’ve provided links to some activities as relevant. Do you have an idea you’d like to contribute for using your time productively between projects? […]

Library of Business Processes

Library of Business Processes

Some time ago, we began making a list of business processes with snappy names, just for fun.  Some use alliteration (“Procure to Pay”, “Quote to Cash”, “Record to Report”, “Contract to Close”). Some of them rhyme (“Hire to Retire”).  You can find that list of processes below. If you know of one we missed, please let us […]

Consulting Frameworks Toolkit

Umbrex has developed this Consulting Frameworks Toolkit that includes more than two dozen business frameworks frequently used by independent management consultants. This resource includes a PowerPoint deck with slide templates of each of these frameworks that you can download and customize for your own use. Request the Umbrex Consulting Frameworks Toolkit Fill out the form […]

Project List Tips & Templates

We recommend that consultants maintain a list of all the projects they have ever done. Here we share a resource of Project List Tips & Templates to help independent consultants get started or improve their project list. A project list is a valuable tool that will help you pull relevant examples when a potential client […]

Best Human Resources Podcasts

At Umbrex, our independent consultants work with our clients to unlock the full potential of their HR office. From talent acquisition to talent management, we make sure that all of your HR processes, organization, and policies are positioned to capture the most value for your organization at large. To learn more about our work or […]

Best Change Management Podcasts

At Umbrex, we help clients successfully execute organizational change. Our consultants work closely with clients to set clear milestones, responsively monitor and adjust processes, and to scale initiatives appropriately. By engaging senior leaders to drive change and effectively supporting employees, we ensure that both processes and culture are shifted throughout the course of the change […]