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The Resistance

The Resistance


“The Resistance” is a term popularized by writer Steven Pressfield in his book, The War of Art. The concept refers to the inner psychological forces that work against an individual’s attempts to pursue their goals or create meaningful work. According to Pressfield, these forces can take many forms, including self-doubt, procrastination, fear, and distraction, among others.

Pressfield argues that the Resistance is the enemy of creativity and progress, and that it is a constant presence in our lives. In order to overcome the Resistance and create meaningful work, Pressfield suggests that we must develop the discipline and determination to push through these inner obstacles and focus on our goals.

The concept of the Resistance has gained widespread popularity among creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and others who are seeking to overcome inner barriers and achieve success. Pressfield’s ideas have inspired many people to confront their own inner demons and pursue their goals with greater focus and determination.

While the concept of the Resistance is not universally accepted, Pressfield’s ideas have had a significant impact on the way many people think about creativity and the psychological obstacles that can stand in the way of success.


Identifying and confronting inner obstacles: By recognizing the presence of the Resistance in their lives, a professional can begin to identify and confront the inner obstacles that are holding them back. This might involve tackling self-doubt, overcoming procrastination, or facing fears head-on.

Setting clear goals: By setting clear and specific goals, a professional can give themselves a roadmap for overcoming the Resistance and staying focused on their objectives.

Developing discipline and determination: To overcome the Resistance, a professional must develop the discipline and determination to stay focused on their goals and push through setbacks and obstacles. This might involve setting aside dedicated time to work on important tasks, or developing a daily or weekly routine to stay on track.

Seeking support: When facing the Resistance, it can be helpful to seek support from others. This might involve finding a mentor or coach to provide guidance, or connecting with a community of like-minded individuals who are also working to overcome the Resistance in their own lives.

Celebrating progress and achievements: Finally, it can be helpful to celebrate progress and achievements along the way, as this can help to motivate and sustain momentum in the face of the Resistance. This might involve setting small, achievable goals and celebrating each one as it is reached.

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