100+ Ideas for Using Time Productively Between Projects

100+ Ideas for Using Time Productively Between Projects

We all have gaps between projects from time to time that leave space for other activities. Umbrex has curated this list of 100+ ideas for using your time productively between projects. We’ve provided links to some activities as relevant.

Do you have an idea you’d like to contribute for using your time productively between projects? Please email us here.


Business Development

Client Relationships

27. Send a thank you note to a previous client

28. Send LinkedIn connection requests to clients you have served  

29. Standardize your processes to optimize your client experience

30. Ask previous clients for feedback

31. Check in with clients to follow up on past projects

Content Creation

32. Write posts on LinkedIn

33. Comment on LinkedIn posts of others

34. Start a newsletter

35. Start a podcast

36. Turn your last project into an article

37. Publish a “cheat sheet” or primer on an industry or function

38. Create a diagnostic tool

39. Write a survey

40. Create a course

41. Make a list of ten underrated trends in your industry/function


42. Research venues to host an event

43. Organize a small-group breakfast or lunch

44. Attend a conference

45. Attend an in-person meetup

Financial & Insurance

46. Create an invoice template

47. Review your consulting fees and update if needed

48. Review taxes and catch up on expense classification

49. Update financial plan

50. Update estate plan

51. Set up a retirement fund (SEP IRA, 401K, etc.)

52. Automate finances by putting payments on auto-pay

53. Do an audit of your insurance coverage

54. Set up a backup checking account at another bank

55. Get business liability insurance


56. Make a list of 10 things you want to learn about your industry

57. Identify and subscribe to podcasts focused on your industry or function

58. Identify and subscribe to the best newsletters on your industry

59. Make a reading list on your industry

60. Find an online course on a topic you’re curious about

61. Learn how to become “indistractible” and enhance time management skills

62. Research conferences in your industry to attend

63. Review consulting frameworks and apply them to your practice

64. Make a list of writers and thought leaders whose work you want to follow

65. Learn to code

66. Learn Tableau

67. Learn Smartsheet

68. Learn to use Upwork to outsource a task

Office & Operations


78. Do an audit of your IT security

79. Set up automatic backups

80. Do a complete offline backup

81. Improve the Search Engine Optimization of your website

82. Buy a domain and set up branded email

83. Professionalize your home video setup with a DSLR

84. Get a DocuSign account

85. Set up an email plug in tool such as Mixmax

86. Improve your Excel or Google Sheets skills

87. Learn keyboard shortcuts of the software you use most regularly

88. Research various AI tools 

89. Delete unused apps from your phone

90. Get a transcript tool such as otter.ai

91. Set up a notetaking app such as Evernote

92. Set up a password tool such as LastPass

Virtual Team

Mindfulness & Creativity

Personal Development

106. Call a friend you haven’t spoken with in over a year

107. Find a coach

108. Take a long walk in your area along a new route

109. Get out in nature

110. Set some audacious goals

111. Improve your diet

112. Quit something (tobacco, alcohol, sugar, a social media network, television, a toxic relationship, etc.)

113. Research games to play with your kids

114. Ask your parents questions about their lives

115. Attend the theatre / performing arts

116. Go to a museum in your area you haven’t been to before

117. Have a goal-setting session with your significant other

Contribute an idea

Do you have an idea you’d like to contribute for using your time productively between projects? Please email us here.