Podcasts by Umbrex Members

Podcasts by Umbrex Members

For our independent management consultants, their work doesn’t stop at Umbrex; our members are found contributing to their fields of expertise through a number of modes. Several of our members host their own podcasts, through which they refresh and discuss the latest industry news and share their own expertise with their listeners. 

Tune in to hear the latest in business and management news.

Unleashed by Will Bachman

Unleashed explores how to thrive as an independent professional.

CrackerJack Consulting Podcast with David A. Fields

Boutique consulting firm leaders share lessons with you. In the CrackerJack Consulting Podcast, David A. Fields interviews people who have built successful, boutique firms to find out how they solved the critical challenges that could have stymied their growth.

Every episode comes with a prize – a valuable infographic, worksheet, framework or other tool that draws from the podcast and you can use to help your consulting firm make progress.

The podcast is specifically for leaders of boutique consulting firms (i.e., firms roughly $2m – $100m/year); however, if you have a smaller or larger practice, you may still find the episodes interesting and useful.

The Enlightened Executive by Susan Drumm

Now, more than ever, CEOs, senior executives, and entrepreneurs are hungry for ground-breaking techniques and strategies to get the edge and enhance their personal and leadership effectiveness. Some might call these growth tools “cutting edge” and others may be skeptical of “woo-woo”— but either way there is an intense curiosity for outside-the-box personal growth programs that help you be both a better human and a better leader. In The Enlightened Executive, we will spotlight the latest trends — whether they be programs like Dare to Lead, apps like Inner Balance, Ayahuasca meditation retreats, or tech such as Whoop or Oura — and dig into what they are, what they offer, and whether they actually work to help you evolve personally and professionally. Guests will include founders of these programs and the executives who have experienced them. Up-level your leadership and join the (r)evolution!

EQ Hacks with Celine Teoh and Agnes Le

We live in a high-tech world, but effective leadership remains a high-touch job. You know emotional intelligence is crucial for good leadership, and want to learn concrete actions that can make an impact immediately.

In EQ Hacks, Stanford-trained executive coaches Agnes Le and Celine Teoh interview leading experts, top coaches, and real leaders to curate the best emotional intelligence hacks.

Each episode provides one tested, actionable emotional intelligence technique that you can apply right away to improve your leadership.

How do you improve your connections at work?How do you gain influence with your team and other stakeholders?How do you lead with authenticity without losing your credibility?How do you manage interpersonal conflicts?EQ Hacks Podcast by Leading Edge Lab.

Fearless Growth with Amanda Setili

We all want to do work we love, and as leaders, entrepreneurs and employees, wouldn’t it be great to create workplaces where work feels like play?

Where people are tuned in to changes going on in the world around them? Where they’re constantly learning, spotting new opportunities, and taking action to go after them? These traits are essential to an organization’s agility and success.

In the Fearless Growth podcast, Amanda Setili and her guests explore the mindsets and choices that lead individuals, leaders and their organizations to outstanding performance.

Grow Your Independent Consulting Business by Melisa Liberman

Are you an independent consultant who’s ready to grow your business into a predictable revenue stream while working on your own terms? The Grow Your Independent Consulting Business is a podcast that shares the blueprint to make your consulting business goals a reality. Each week, Business Coach, Melisa Liberman, brings you solo insights or informative guest interviews that will help you to accomplish your Independent Consultant Business goals. She shares specific tools, actionable strategies, and techniques that successful independent consultants use to create the predictable, sustainable, and impactful independent consulting business you may not even realize is possible.

The Growth Whisperers with Brad Giles & Kevin Lawrence

How to get the most from a strategic planning framework. How do you know which framework you should use for your business? There are many frameworks and systems that claim to have the tools to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their business. In this episode, Kevin and Brad discuss the six things to consider when evaluating which strategic planning framework is best for you.

It’s Great Business by Intracoastal Marketing and Strategy Group

Twice a month join Janice Burg-Levi, a globally known corporate business executive and CEO of Intracoastal Marketing and Strategy Group along with Pete McCormick aka Pete the Producer, digital marketing professional and all-around nice guy, as they interview some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking guests in business. During this short podcast, you will learn how top leaders have realized success in their business and professional lives. Whether you are at the beginning of your business career, at a mid-point and are ready for expansion, thinking about how to pivot to a new chapter or are looking for great career advice and energizing inspiration, this podcast is for you.

Modern Startup Marketing by Anna Furmanov

If you’re at an early stage startup, you’re in the right place. Every startup begins bootstrapped/pre-seed/seed and that’s such an exciting time but also a really challenging time. 50-90% of early stage startups don’t make it. A lot of stuff out there focuses on the WHAT (tactics), goes over your head, is not tailored to your critical early stage, and so you’re not sure what to do. If you do try some things, you’re not always sure WHY you’re doing them. Welcome to Season 4 where I’ll be asking WHY in order to help bring more clarity to the messy world of early stage startup marketing.

The Pathless Path by Paul Millerd

The Pathless Path is hosted by Paul Millerd – a writer, creator, and consultant. He has conversations with freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs, creators, and vagabonds who share their perspectives on their relationship with work, burnout, bootstrapping, indie hacking, remote work, reinvention, creativity, sabbaticals, leisure, self-employment, unconventional living, and digital nomadism.

The PR Wine Down

Grab a glass and get ready to wine down! On this award-winning podcast, PR veterans April White & Laura Schooler gab, analyze and commiserate on the key issues impacting PR pros. With guests ranging from startup executives and communications juggernauts, to the journalists and filmmakers on the other side of the desk, April and Laura deliver the latest news, trends and horror stories for rookie publicists and seasoned professionals alike. They’re on a mission to make our jobs easier, more relatable and more entertaining — and, in some cases, to kick down the door on the PR industry.

The Purposeful Strategist by Belden Menkus

I want to shift the discussion about organisational purpose from being about what organisations and leaders should do – to take a practical look at what they are doing – and what we can learn from that.

We’re going to hear from business leaders across a range of industries how they think about purpose in their organisation – and in business more generally. We’ll explore how they make purpose a building block of their strategy and get their insider tips on the “how” of bringing purpose alive.

SaaS Scaling Secrets by Dan Balcauski

The SaaS Scaling Secrets podcast reveals the strategies and insights behind scaling B2B SaaS companies to new heights. Dan Balcauski, founder of Product Tranquility, leads conversations with successful SaaS CEOs, exploring their challenges, triumphs, and the secrets that propelled their businesses to the next level.

Strategy Taken by Luiz Zorzella

Luiz Zorzella explores how strategic leaders in financial services make hard decisions.

Subscription Stories with Robbie Kellman Baxter

Subscription models are crazy powerful. Savvy small companies can easily deploy them to knock huge Goliaths off kilter. We’ve seen it in entertainment, software, hardware, news, retail, hospitality—the list goes on. In her podcast series, Robbie Kellman Baxter interviews the leaders of this revolution about how they’re using subscription pricing and membership models to redefine the biggest industries and generate predictable recurring revenue along the way.

The Virtual Campfire's Podcast with Tony Martignetti

The campfire. school, church, and water cooler all-in-one. It’s the earliest form of community — sitting around a campfire and sharing stories. For generations, it was used to build trust, share knowledge, and inspire others. Welcome to the Virtual Campfire — I’m Tony Martignetti, the Inspired Coach. Here I’ll share powerful lessons learned from leaders in their transformation journey.

When you see someone on stage: sharing a powerful message, “owning the room” and, having a huge impact in the world, you might ask yourself, how did they get to be that way? Were they born that way? Could I be like that person? What makes them different? From the outside looking in, it seems like they are meant to do what they’re doing. I’m here to share what you don’t often see — their tales of transformation. That’s what we’ll uncover here. The tiny steps that led to the big leaps.

Wise Decision Maker Show

Want to be a truly wise decision maker? Worried over cognitive biases leading to business disasters? Seeking to notice and address major threats and seize key opportunities?

The “Wise Decision Maker Show” helps you achieve all these and more. The show’s host, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, combines over two decades of experience consulting, coaching, and training business leaders on avoiding business disasters and maximizing success with his expertise from over 15 years in academia in cutting-edge research in cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics