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Best Supply Chain Podcasts

Best Supply Chain Podcasts

At Umbrex, we help clients transform their supply chains to be more agile, sustainable, and competitive. Through a comprehensive evaluation of the market and the chain’s performance, our independent management consultants are able to highlight the most essential areas for improvement and advise on the best practices to effectively address these needs.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Designing channels of supply to lower total cost and systematic risk
  • Integrating sales, production, inventory, product development, and financial plans
  • Optimizing warehouses through cost and error reduction
  • Optimizing networks by balancing capital investment, operating expenses, and service levels 

To stay current with best practices in the space, our consultants find that podcasts are one way to remain up to date. Here are the top podcasts on supply chains recommended by our members.



CSCMPodcast: Supply Chain Conversation by CSCMP

CSCMPodcast: Supply Chain Conversation is the official podcast of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals or CSCMP.

CSCMP leads the supply chain profession by connecting, developing, and educating the world’s Supply Chain Management Professionals throughout their careers. Learn more at

Each episode of CSCMPodcast: Supply Chain Conversation, will feature discussions with leading supply chain professionals that dive into the latest news and industry trends across all aspects of supply chain. Conversations are led by guest hosts from the CSCMP Organization.

Supply Chain Now by Scott Luton

Have you heard? The voice of global supply chain has arrived! Supply Chain Now brings you the best and the brightest in the business. Tune in alongside a worldwide audience as our thought-leaders highlight the people, the technologies, the best practices, and critical issues impacting global supply chain performance today and tomorrow. Confront new challenges and seize the latest opportunities when you join the industry leaders who are inspiring the next generation – and making global business happen.

Talking Logistics Podcasts by Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez, founder and host of Talking Logistics, interviews thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry about emerging trends, technologies, and services.

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics by Alcott Global

My job is to connect you with global experts, thought leaders and executives in all things supply chain. I will do my best to pick their brain on Supply Chain and Logistics leading edge technologies, leadership stories and personal success habits.

MIT Supply Chain Frontiers by MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

Thought leadership from MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics.

The Gartner Supply Chain Podcast by Gartner

In the Gartner Supply Chain Podcast, leading expert Thomas O’Connor regularly sits down with Gartner’s best thinkers, researchers and innovators to share with you the tactical tips and most up to date strategic insights supply chain leaders need to drive organizational success.

Bicara Supply Chain by VCare Academy

Bicara Supply Chain is a platform where you will be able to get insights from experts and leaders in the field of supply chain.

Proudly presenting in association with the VCARE Academy , we focus on presenting guidance for solving complex supply chain challenges which help you transform your cost chain into the profitable value chain.

At Bicara Supply Chain, we driving global perspectives to embrace technological adaptation in improving process efficiencies.

The Future of Supply Chain: a Dynamo Ventures Podcast by Santosh Sankar

On each episode of the Future of Supply Chain, we sit down with a different entrepreneur, investor, or industry veteran to discuss their story, views on the industry, and how we can collectively build the future of supply chain together.

The Digital Supply Chain podcast by Tom Raftery

The Digital Supply Chain podcast is a show hosted by SAP Innovation Evangelist Tom Raftery, discussing thought leadership, best practices, and the latest innovations in delivering a resilient, sustainable supply chain. The show publishes a new episode every Monday and Friday, and features interviews with luminaries in the world of supply chain and Industry 4.0. All aspects of supply chains, and how to optimise them are discussed – everything from the design, planning, manufacturing, production, delivery, all the way through to product operation.

Logistics Matters with DC VELOCITY by AGiLE Business Media

The editors of DC VELOCITY magazine bring you weekly updates on logistics, material handling, and supply chain news.

The SupplyChainBrain Podcast by Bob Bowman

The SupplyChainBrain Podcast features in-depth conversations with industry practitioners, academics, consultants and other experts on every aspect of supply-chain management and international trade. Available for streaming or downloading.