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Best Metals & Mining Industry Podcasts

Best Metals & Mining Industry Podcasts

At Umbrex, our consultants work closely with clients to evolve their organization for strategic and operational excellence. We advise on how to best address gaps between strategy and operation, and identify the operational areas with the largest potential for growth. By prioritizing the building of agile organizations, our clients are able to reduce risk and effectively gain sustainable competitive advantage in a dynamic industry.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Leading two Lean Six Sigma projects which delivered $5M in EBITDA for an Australian mining company
  • Developing value creation program for a €600M metal-shaping company, improving schedule adherence from 33% to 82% at pilot site in Denmark while cutting rework and overtime in half
  • For a global top five cement company, coordinating a network of 100+ sales professionals worldwide to spread commercial excellence best practices

To learn more about our work or find a metals and mining consultant, visit our Metals & Mining Practice.

Our consultants find that podcasts are an excellent way to remain up to date.

Here are the top podcasts on metals and mining recommended by our members.



Mining Stock Daily by Trevor Hall

Mining Stock Daily is a brief overview of finance and resource exploration news from the world’s mining and metals sector. Mining Stock Daily is a quick overview of the day’s most important sector information for both precious and base metals, including market trends and analysis.

Behind the Scenes by Bryan Ulrich

This is generally a engineering podcast that often pertains to the world of mining, and especially mining waste management, or whatever else captures my imagination. The episodes, thankfully, will be fairly brief.

Dig Deep by Rob Tyson

In this podcast, we discuss, educate and talk about industry news and hot topics, company reviews and live interviews with mining professionals and leading figures in the mining industry. Introducing your host Rob Tyson, Founder and Director of Mining International, a leading recruitment and headhunting agency based in the UK specialising in mining across the globe. We source and discover new talent to fill those difficult or challenging vacancies our clients have.

Proven and Probable by Maurice Jackson

Proven and Probable provides insights on mining companies, junior miners, gold mining stocks, uranium, silver, platinum, zinc & copper mining stocks, silver and gold bullion in Canada, the US, Australia and beyond.

The Northern Miner by Adrian Pocobelli

The original global mining podcast. With over 100 years of experience serving the mining and exploration industry, crucial reports by The Northern Miner writing staff inform the decision-making process of thousands of high-performing mining professionals.

As an independent, fully paid news source, The Northern Miner maintains a commitment to objective reporting not influenced by any external interests.

Take Me to the Cloud by Withum

An insight into junior mining and opportunities to invest. Company Interviews, a Crux Investor show, exists to cut through the jargon, bias and bluster. Matthew Gordon hones-in on the important factors that indicate a company’s strong footing for growth and success.