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Best Mergers & Acquisitions Podcasts

Best Mergers & Acquisitions Podcasts

At Umbrex, we support clients throughout the length of their transactions, from capital planning to integration, to ensure that they maximize success with their mergers and acquisitions. Through innovative diagnostics, frameworks, and benchmarks, our independent management consultants tailor mergers and acquisitions strategies to fit their clients’ every need.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of market landscape
  • Generating critical insights through due diligence
  • Designing cohesive operating model for joint ventures
  • Preparing assets for divestitures

Our consultants find that podcasts are one way to remain up to date. Here are the top podcasts on mergers and acquisitions recommended by our members.



M&A Science by Kison Patel

M&A Science is an educational podcast exploring the intricate world of M&A with industry leaders and practitioners. 

M&A Views by Trevear Thomas

Is there any part of the business world that moves faster than mergers and acquisitions (M&A)? It’s hard to imagine—and that’s what makes it so exciting.

The M&A Views podcast series is a chance to hear Deloitte’s experienced M&A leaders answer questions on the latest M&A trends, from culture to technology and beyond. Listen in on conversations about topics likely to directly impact your work today.

The Tech M&A Podcast by Corum Group

The Tech M&A Podcast pulls from the best of the Tech M&A Monthly webcast, hosted by Corum Group, the global leader in technology mergers and acquisitions. The podcast features special reports on sectors, buyers, trends and M&A processes, as well as panel discussions and interviews featuring both recent sellers and major tech buyers like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and others.

Dealcast: The M&A Podcast by Julie-Anna Needham

Weekly podcast from the Mergermarket editorial team covering M&A, ECM and activism presented by Mergermarket and SS&C Intralinks.

The Wall Street Lab by Lukasz Musialski, Leo Severino, and Andreas von Hirschhausen

The Wall Street Lab is a podcast that explores the world of finance from an insider perspective. The hosts, Lukasz Musialski, Leo Severino, and Andreas von Hirschhausen interview top financial professionals in the fields of private equity, hedge funds, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, venture capital, management consulting, trading and many more. The themes range from investment related topics, financial markets and news, career development in finance, favorite books, personal habits, just to name a few.