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Best Marketing Analytics Podcasts

Best Marketing Analytics Podcasts

At Umbrex, our consultants work with clients to innovate the process of generating and analyzing their marketing analytics. We help organizations derive valuable consumer insights, predict trends, and gain competitive advantage. As we partner with clients to implement solutions and build the necessary capabilities, we aim to create significant short-term impact as well as long-term growth.
Examples of recent projects include:
  • Leading design of a proprietary data collection program for global e-commerce initiative for a global professional services company
  • Evaluating five potential strategic targets for a multinational information and analytics company, leading to a $4.2B acquisition
  • Leading the $100M professional development program for a leading management consulting firm

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Our consultants find that podcasts are an excellent way to remain up to date.

Here are the top podcasts on real estate recommended by our members.



The Marketing Analytics Show by Supermetrics

The Marketing Analytics Show is all about helping you get better at marketing analytics. On this podcast, Anna Shutko will catch up with marketers and analysts to learn how they’re using data to make better marketing decisions. Tune in for all the how-tos & actionable advice you can steal. This podcast is brought to you by Supermetrics.

Marketing x Analytics by Alexander Sofronas

Marketing x Analytics brings together research on the latest techniques in marketing and analytics, interviews with industry leaders, and advice for those looking to begin their analytics career.

AnalyticsToday Podcast by Jeremy Roberts and Sameer Khan

Data and Analytics are attracting big attention no matter what business you are in. However, not everyone knows how to use their data (and others’ data) to their best advantage. So why not hear from Data and Analytics leaders at some of the biggest brands in the world and learn directly from them? Jack Phillips, CEO and Co-Founder of the International Institute for Analytics sits down with the most powerful players in the field and opens up the playbook to show you how to succeed in Analytics.

Hub & Spoken by Jason Foster

The original data podcast. The Hub and Spoken podcast is a series of fascinating discussions with today’s top data and business leaders from across the business world. The conversations explore how to add most value to organisations through the use of data and analytics, and how best to organise yourself to achieve that value. It talks about how to define and deliver data strategy, and the best way to return business value.