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Best Market Research Podcasts

Best Market Research Podcasts

At Umbrex, our independent consultants harness data and consumer insights to identify and implement actionable initiatives for organizations. By tailoring programs based on insights generated from multiple data sources, we drive growth to elevate our clients above their competitors. 

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Generating insights through the analysis of consumer and B2B surveys
  • Designing prediction and optimization models to identify prime growth opportunities
  • Driving short and long term growth through insights on competition

To learn more about our work or find a market research consultant, visit our Market Research Practice.

Our consultants find that podcasts are an excellent way to remain up to date.

Here are the top podcasts on market research recommended by our members.



MRXplorer by Kristina and Z

Welcome to MRXplorer! Friends Kristina and Z venture together to explore topics in and related to market research. Join them as they discuss everything from the day-to-day of an insights pro, the dynamics between “brand-side” and “vendor-side” research, and more. Let’s explore this world of market research together!

Data Gurus by Sima Vasa

Welcome to the the Data Gurus Podcast!

The world around us is changing faster than ever before. From automation, artificial intelligence, big data, geo-location to every aspect of how we work and live. This includes DATA. Welcome to Data Gurus Podcast… our mission is to bring you a real life perspective on what’s happening in the data industry and how successful companies and individuals in this niche navigate through the sea of change. Encouraging you to Be Bold, Be Brave and Be Fearless – Let’s navigate the Data Ecosystem together.

Happy Market Research Podcast by Jamin Brazil

We interview today’s top minds in market research including GoDaddy, LinkedIn, and Adobe about tech and industry trends.

Future Proof by Kantar & Saïd Business School, Oxford University

The marketing podcast from Said Business School, Oxford University, and Kantar, the marketing insights and consulting company. In each episode, we’ll have a frank discussion with an expert, to help brands and business leaders navigate the changing landscape of marketing… and hopefully dispel some myths and misconceptions along the way. Looking at big industry question through both a market research and an academic lens, we can help prepare marketers for the future (with proof). All episodes and more info at

Thinking Ahead: Your Leading-Edge Insights Podcast by GfK

This is a podcast about research, innovation, and discovery. Each episode will give you new insights into today’s consumer, and prepare you for tomorrow’s marketplace.

IRI Growth Insights by iriworldwide

For more than 40 years, IRI has been known for its vast data, prescriptive analytics and leading technology. Now, IRI’s Growth Insight podcasts delve into the data to reveal consumer, shopper and other insights that fuel market changes and growth for those in the CPG, retail, health care and media industries. Join IRI thought leaders, industry partners and guests to learn how opportunities, trends and market disruptions will impact your business.

Conversations for Research Rockstars by Kathryn Korostoff

Conversations & guest lectures on market research methods, analysis optimization, career trends, and anything else related to advancing customer insights. Hosted weekly by Kathryn Korostoff.