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Best Lean Operations Podcasts

Best Lean Operations Podcasts

At Umbrex, our independent management consultants help clients integrate lean thinking into their operations to drive measurable change throughout the organization. To achieve operational excellence, we help identify opportunities to eliminate waste, improve quality, reduce costs, standardize processes, and instill a work culture of continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Increasing productivity, minimizing costs, enhancing quality
  • Capturing opportunities for waste and delay reduction
  • Transforming HR, IT, Finance, and other departments for operational excellence

To learn more about our work or find a lean operations consultant, visit our Lean Operations Practice.

Our consultants find that podcasts are an excellent way to remain up to date.

Here are the top podcasts on lean operations recommended by our members.



Lean Leadership for Ops Managers by Jamie V. Parker

Lean Leadership for Ops Managers is a podcast for leaders in Ops Management who’ve had some targeted success with Lean, but haven’t yet built the everybody-everywhere-everyday improvement culture they crave. In each episode, former Fortune 100 Ops Executive and Lean Enthusiast Jamie V. Parker will teach you how to engage your team, develop a Lean culture, and still get your day job done.

Lean Blog Interviews by Mark Graban

Mark Graban interviews leaders, innovators, and practitioners in the Lean methodology and management system. Topics include Lean manufacturing, Lean healthcare, Lean startups, and Lean enterprises. Visit the blog at For feedback, email

Gemba Academy Podcast: Lean Six Sigma | Toyota Kata | Productivity | Leadership

New episodes released every Thursday focused on Lean Thinking, Toyota Kata, Leadership, & Productivity. All episodes available at 

The Lean Solutions Podcast by Patrick Adams

This podcast offers business solutions to help listeners develop and implement action plans for lean process improvement and implement continuous improvement projects, cost reductions, product quality enhancements, and process effectiveness improvement. Listeners come from many industries in both manufacturing and office applications. Support this podcast: