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Best Education Podcasts

Best Education Podcasts

At Umbrex, we are dedicated to working with our clients to provide quality, inclusive, and equitable education. Our consultants have expertise across the full breadth of the education field, from education institutions to service providers to governments. We help stakeholders by devising strategies to boost student outcomes, innovating workforce development programs, and advising on how to improve operational and administrative performance.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Increasing licensing revenues from $18M to $60M+ in three years for an entrepreneurship program at a Top 50 university in the US
  • Transforming the transactional procurement group for a leading K-12 educational publishing company
  • Leading digital marketing initiatives which expanded student enrollments by 50% year-over-year and more than doubled the pipeline of qualified prospects for a global education firm with more than 75 schools in 12+ countries

To learn more about our work or find an education consultant, visit our Education Practice.

Our consultants find that podcasts are an excellent way to remain up to date.
Here are the top podcasts on education recommended by our members.



The Education Exchange by Hoover Institution

A weekly podcast highlighting education policy news, hosted by Paul E. Peterson, Senior editor of Education Next

The Education Gadfly Show by Thomas B. Fordham Institute

For more than 15 years, the Fordham Institute has been hosting a weekly podcast, The Education Gadfly Show. Each week, you’ll get lively, entertaining discussions of recent education news, usually featuring Fordham’s Mike Petrilli and David Griffith. Then the wise Amber Northern will recap a recent research study. For questions or comments on the podcast, contact its producer, Pedro Enamorado, at

Ed's (Not) Dead Podcast by Robby, Pete, and Casey

We’re not your average education podcast.


Whether you’re a teacher, parent, education wonk, or concerned citizen, this is your place to learn about the hottest issues affecting education, like reform, teaching tips, policy, and more.


Your three hosts, Robby, Pete, and Casey, rarely agree. That’s what makes it fun. What we do share is a profound commitment to improving education.


Tune in:


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House of #EdTech by Education Podcast Network

Helping educators like you transform education by exploring the impact technology is having on education since 2007. The House of #EdTech, launched in 2014, features conversations with teachers, leaders, and creators so you can more effectively integrate technology, strengthen your pedagogy, and have more confidence in your classroom and school so you can make an impact.

The Report Card by Nat Malkus

The Report Card with Nat Malkus is the education podcast of the American Enterprise Institute. It is a hub for discussing innovative work to improve education – from early childhood to higher education – and the lives of America’s children. It evaluates research, policy, and practice efforts to improve the lives of families, schools and students. The Report Card seeks to engage with everyone who is interested in education in an accessible way. It brings guests that are doing compelling work across a spectrum from high level policy changes to innovations at the classroom level, work that will start conversations about improving education and the lives of children more broadly. Each episode lets listeners – policymakers, teachers, and parents –learn relevant information that they can use in their efforts to improve education.

Have You Heard by Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider

Occasionally funny and periodically informative, Have You Heard features journalist Jennifer Berkshire and scholar Jack Schneider as they explore the age-old quest to finally fix the nation’s public schools, one policy issue at a time.

Principal Matters: The School Leader's Podcast by William D. Parker

William D. Parker from the Principal Matters Podcast reveals his school leadership strategies, insights from other leaders, and practical tips so that you can have the tools to achieve your own goals. Rediscover healthy motivation, resolve conflicts and challenges, maximize your communication, grow your instructional abilities, and learn to streamline responsibilities—all while building positive communities among your team members, students, parents, and patrons. A former teacher of the year and Oklahoma assistant principal of the year, he is also an author, blogger, speaker and education consultant. The former Principal of Skiatook High School, near Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Founder of Principal Matters, LLC, he also serves as the Executive Director for OASSP/OMLEA – state associations proudly supporting secondary leaders and middle level educators. He and his wife Missy are the proud parents of four children: 3 girls and 1 boy. When he is not serving his members and family, he is a sought-after keynote speaker for principal conferences and leadership seminars. He has learned to leverage his lessons through growing in-person and online communities. Listen in for motivation to create incredible momentum in your school community.

The Harvard EdCast by Harvard University

In the complex world of education, the Harvard EdCast keeps the focus simple: what makes a difference for learners, educators, parents, and our communities. The EdCast is a weekly podcast about the ideas that shape education, from early learning through college and career. We talk to teachers, researchers, policymakers, and leaders of schools and systems in the US and around the world — looking for positive approaches to the challenges and inequities in education. Through authentic conversation, we work to lower the barriers of education’s complexities so that everyone can understand. The Harvard EdCast is produced by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and hosted by Jill Anderson. The opinions expressed are those of the guest alone, and not the Harvard Graduate School of Education.