Internet Usage

Internet Usage

The mental math references for internet usage are below. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of sources for each figure, with the precise data point from that source.

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Internet users

Global internet users

U.S. internet users

China internet users

EU internet users

India internet users

Global smartphone users

Internet of Things (IoT) devices

5 billion

300 million

1 billion

400 million

1 billion

6 billion

15 billion

E-commerce and advertising

Global e-commerce sales

Global digital ad spending

Cost per click in digital advertising

$5 trillion

$600 billion


Internet speed

Average internet speed in U.S.

Average internet speed in EU

Average internet speed in China

Average internet speed in India

200 Mbps

100 Mbps

200 Mbps

50 Mbps

Internet subscribers and users

Netflix subscribers

Amazon Prime subscribers

YouTube daily active users

Facebook daily active users

Instagram daily active users

Twitter daily active users

LinkedIn users

TikTok users

200 million

150 million

120 million

2 billion

2 billion

200 million

900 million

800 million

Data and coverage

Global data centers

Global data generated

Average data usage per smartphone

5G network coverage in U.S.

4G network coverage globally

Global Wi-Fi hotspots


100 zettabytes/year

10 gigabytes/month



500 million

Market size

Google’s market share in search

Chrome browser market share

Cybersecurity market size

Cloud computing market size

SaaS market size

Global online gaming market

Global streaming market



$200 billion

$500 billion

$250 billion

$25 billion

$500 billion

Note: all dollar amounts are in USD

Email and websites

Average email users

Average email sent daily

Average website loading time

VPN users worldwide

Average cost of a domain name

4 billion

300 billion

3 seconds

1 billion



Internet users

Global internet users: 5.19 billion — Data Reportal
U.S. internet users: 311.3 million— Data Reportal
China internet users: 1.079 billion— Statista
EU internet users: 445.8 million— Internet World Stats
India internet users: 1.24 billion— Statista
Global smartphone users: 6.37 billion— Bank My Cell
Internet of Things (IoT) devices: 15.14 billion— Exploding Topics

E-commerce and advertising

Global e-commerce sales: $5.2 trillion — Statista
Global digital ad spending: $626.86 billion — Statista
Cost per click in digital advertising: $2.59 — Clicta Digital

Internet speed

Average internet speed in U.S.: 207.32 Mbps –
Average internet speed in EU: 103.3 Mbps– European Data Journalism
Average internet speed in China: 218.8 Mbps– Oberlo
Average internet speed in India: 53.42 Mbps–

Internet subscribers and users

Netflix subscribers: 238.39 million — Statista
Amazon Prime subscribers: 168.5 million — Statista
YouTube daily users: 122 million — DemandSage
Facebook daily active users: 2.06 billion — Statista
Instagram daily active users: 2 billion — Statista
Twitter daily active users: 237.8 million — Bank My Cell
LinkedIn users: 930 million — LinkedIn
TikTok users: 834.3 million — Statista

Data and coverage

Global data centers: 8,000 — TechJury
Global data generated: 125 zettabytes/year — Statista
Average data usage per smartphone: 8.9 gigabytes/month — Statista
5G network coverage in U.S.: 49.2% — Fierce Wireless
4G network coverage globally: 85% — Ericsson
Global Wi-Fi hotspots: 549 million — VPN Mentor

Market size

Google’s market share in search: 83.49% — Statista
Chrome browser market share: 61.8% — Browser Stack
Cybersecurity market size: $202.72 billion — Grandview Research
Cloud computing market size: $569.31 billion — Fortune Business Insights
SaaS market size: $257.47 billion — Skyquestt
Global online gaming market: $26.14 billion — Statista
Global streaming market: $554.33 billion — Fortune Business Insights

Email and websites

Average email users: 4.26 billion — Statista
Average email sent daily: 347.3 billion — Oberlo
Average website loading time: 2.5 seconds — ToolTester
VPN users worldwide: 1.5 billion — Exploding Topics
Average cost of a domain name: $10-20USD/year — Forbes