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Create Your Own Internship Playbook

Create Your Own Internship Playbook

In a competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is essential. One way to do this is by creating your own custom internship. 

This playbook outlines a new approach to internships. The traditional approach is that students apply to existing, posted opportunities and wait to be chosen.

This new approach is a proactive one of creating your own internship by identifying the skills you possess, identifying potential organizations at which to intern, and approaching them with an Internship Proposal of how you can add value.

This approach requires more initiative, but you will likely learn more: a fuller set of skills, how to identify ways to create value, networking and relationship-building, business development, and building the infrastructure of your own company.

This playbook can be used by students, or by firms for guidance and ideas on creating internships themselves.

Request Create Your Own Internship: The Umbrex Playbook

Create Your Own Internship Playbook

The playbook will be delivered in both PDF form and e-book that you can download to your device.


The playbook covers:


Chapter 1: Adapt Your Mental Model

Chapter 2: Self-Assessment & Skill Identification

Chapter 3: Identify Organizations & Contacts

Chapter 4: Create Initial Set of Ideas for Target List

Chapter 5: Setting Up as a Business

Chapter 6: Networking & Outreach

Chapter 7: Proposal Pitching & Follow-Up

Chapter 8: Formalizing & Launching the Internship

Chapter 9: Reflect & Document Your Experience


I. Value Proposition Ideas
II. Sample Internship Proposal
III. Sample Internship Contract