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Library of Icebreaker Activities

Library of Icebreaker Activities

Umbrex has developed this Library of Icebreakers that offers more than 60 activities to engage, connect, and energize the attendees at your next event.

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List of Icebreaker Activities

All Aboard
Alphabetical Storytelling Audience Sketching Best and Worst Birthday Line Up
Boggle Brainstorm Building Blocks Common Threads Community Mural Connect the Dots Cultural Exchange
Egg Drop
Energy Line
Escape Room
Find Someone Who… Flash Debate
Flip It Over Futurespective
Group Timeline
Human Knot
Idea Exchange
Improv Scenarios Improvement Feedback Jigsaw Puzzle
Job Shadow Marshmallow Challenge Memory Drawing
Movie Pitch
Name That Object
One Minute Brainstorm Origami Challenge Paper Plane Competition
PechaKucha Presentations Perfect Square Perspective Shift
Picture Story
Pop Quiz
Prediction Game
Pulse Check
Question Web
Random Word Connection Recipe for Success Scavenger Hunt
Secret Santa
Show and Tell
Silent Auction
Silent Line Up
Six Degrees of Separation
Skyscraper Challenge Snowball Fight Spider’s Web
Story Circle Superhero Identity Tallest Tower
Team Mascot
Treasure Hunt
Two Truths and a Lie Values Auction
What’s in a Name? Who Am I?
Who’s Got the Button? Word Association Wordless Puzzle-solving