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Guide to Trello CRM System

Guide to Trello CRM System


Pricing (single user, as of February 2023): 

  • Basic: Free
  • Standard: $5/month
  • Premium: $10/month
  • Enterprise: $17.50/month

Consultant experiences and comments on Trello

Name of consultant: Sinisa Slijepcevic

Comments: Trello works for me as it is a common tool for three tasks:

  1. Supervising 10+ projects with 20+ junior team members (all using Trello)
  2. My own task management
  3. CRM

I have customized columns on one dedicated CRM/Sales Board in Trello, replicating the usual 5-6 funnel steps. Trello is a good tool for consultants who require a project management tool as managing/supervising multiple, somewhat complex projects, and do not want yet another tool for CRM.

Applications integrated: Slack, Sharepoint, Email

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