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Guide to Notion CRM System

Guide to Notion CRM System


Pricing (single user, as of February 2023): 

  • Basic: Free 
  • Plus: $8/month
  • Business: $15/month 
  • Enterprise: Request quote 

Consultant experiences and comments on Notion

Name of consultant: Jessica Lackey

Comments: I use Notion for all of my tasks, notes, and project management so I have one master task list and have all of my interactions in one system. I love it because I work in a single system and my pipeline isn’t huge. I created Zaps to add an entry to my database and keep track of notes, but I don’t have it logging all of my interactions via email. I have all of my contacts in one list, with customized sales options and also log my colleagues in the same list (I have a lot of colleagues who become clients and vice versa). I keep track using database views. I have a tag for core network, I log the source of my relationship, and I create a task to follow up with key network members as part of my master task list. I record discussion notes in each person’s entry.

Applications integrated: Calendar/Calendly, Task Manager, Gmail

Name of consultant: Guillermo Prieto

Comments: Definitely, great UI, mobile app, highly customizable, very low cost (free tier), quick to setup. It also adapts to your process and way of thinking. I have an “introduced_by” and “introduced_to” that let me track relationships. As well as a networks category, for example “Sorbonne Alumni”, and “SouthSummit 2022.”

Applications integrated: LinkedIn, PeopletoNotion

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