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Guide to Keap CRM System

Guide to Keap CRM System


Pricing (single user, as of February 2023): 

  • Pro: $149/month 
  • Max: $199/month

Consultant experiences and comments on Keap

Name of consultant: Eric Eskey

Comments: Clate Mask, Keap’s CEO, is a client. I use their products to go deeper in understanding his business. I use Keap to track relationships, record notes, and schedule tasks. I’ve far underutilized its automation capabilities, though. It also lacks a tool that I want — an ability to identify the 20% of contacts that matter the most to my business so I can nurture them personally and deeply.

I’ve framed my stages to encourage client-centricity. This matters because the words we use anchor our psychology. For example, “qualifying” connotes judging and “negotiating” getting more from the deal. Neither of these occurs to me as client-centric. Words, like “converse”, “invite”, “discuss”, “co-create” are. Here’s my quick list:

  • New relationships (leads)
  • Exploring (contacting)
  • Cultivating (engaging)
  • Conversing (qualifying)
  • Inviting (proposing)
  • Discussing (negotiating)
  • Co-creating (accepting)
  • Not yet (lost)

A CRM is a great tool to create the possibility of scaling my independent practice into a boutique and bringing on partners. 

Applications integrated: Calendar

Name of consultant: Juan Jeffery

Comments: It’s the best so far of all the others (including brand names) that I tried, with a combination of best value on features, automation, integration, and scalability (not requiring Zapier). It tracks customers though entire onboarding journey with automated responses depending on customer actions throughout the journey. I used to manually reach out based on time based triggers but now automating that through KEAP. A mature CRM system is essential and saves time so consultants can spend more time doing what they do best — no roller coaster campaigns and cash flow. A CRM is not just a rolodex — it is an integrated business automation tool to support customer satisfaction end-to-end.

Applications integrated: Calendar, Email, Website, Social media, Telephone

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