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Guide to Dubsado CRM System

Guide to Dubsado CRM System


Pricing (up to 3 users, as of February 2023): 

  • Starter: $20/month
  • Premier: $40/month

User experiences and comments on Dubsado

Name: Kelley Brubaker

Comments: Once I got my statuses, tags and workflows set up and I became familiar with how Dubsado works, I see how my firm is much more efficient since Dubsado was implemented. Prior to Dubsado, I did not provide written proposals. I prepared contracts on a one-by-one basis which I could print or send by email, but they could not be electronically signed. When a contract was signed and returned, I would then send an invoice. This was never faster than a few days, but typically took a week or two.

With Dubsado, I can talk to a lead today, send a proposal as soon as we end our conversation and the proposal includes the contract for electronic signature and an invoice is attached which is required to be paid before the signed contract will be returned back to me. After I receive a signed contract, I electronically sign it and the final PDF’d contract is sent to the client for their files. Instead of one to two weeks, I can now close a lead within hours! I use several statuses to track the progress of a lead from the initial contact, scheduling of a discovery call, sending the proposal, and the signing of the contract or declination of the proposal.

Once a lead becomes a client, there are new statuses specific to clients that help track new clients vs in progress clients to clients whose contracts have ended. These statuses are important for some automated workflows I have set up in Dubsado. Workflows let me pre-program a short series of repeatable tasks. Some workflows are triggered by something a lead or client does and some are not started until I manually turn them on. I use workflows for things such as prompting a new client to complete an onboarding form which is to gather critical information I need in order to work with each client. The workflow will follow up with the client by email until they respond to the form and let me know when the form is completed and ready for the next step. Another workflow alerts me when a client is approaching the end of their contract term. This gives me a timely reminder to have a discussion with the client about either extending their time working with me or proposing a different coaching package. As for tags, I use tags to track the coaching program the client is working on with me, why I declined to work with a lead or why a lead declined to work with me.

Applications integrated: MailChimp, Google Meet, Google Calendar, QuickBooks (with plans to integrate ClickUp and Kajabi)

Name: Brandon Roudebush

Comments: We use Dubsado to track and nurture leads, onboard new clients and automate portions of our sales and marketing efforts. As a small business owner, automation helps me eliminate small, repetitive tasks to free me up to focus on the things that matter most to my business. Dubsado’s automated workflows help move leads through my sales funnel and onboard them once they’ve purchased. Once a workflow begins in Dusado, our Zapier integration takes over and creates project workflows in Asana, builds a standard folder structure in Google Drive and logs the information in Google Sheets so I can easily track our progress at the end of the year. The combination of these two tools guarantees that nothing falls through the cracks and helps us keep customer satisfaction high.

Applications integrated: Zapier, Asana, Google Sheets, Google Drive

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