Guide to Active Campaign CRM System

Guide to Active Campaign CRM System


Pricing (single user, as of February 2023): 

  • Plus: $19/month
  • Professional: $49/month 
  • Enterprise: Request quote

User experiences and comments on ActiveCampaign

Name of consultant: Andrew Hone

Comments: I trialled both ActiveCampaign and Keap. ActiveCampaign had better email deliverability and usability. It is easy to use, has powerful automations, good email deliverability, and a wide range of integrations. I use a 4-stage pipeline: opportunity -> proposal -> engagement -> post-engagement. It improves client follow up and retention; I create tasks to prompt future follow ups.

Applications integrated: Email, SMS, WordPress

Name: Yoav Morder

Comments: We use ActiveCampaign, an AI-based agile CRM solution to facilitate and track customers’ journeys. It, by providing information about customer data, profiles, and history, supports important areas of our company’s core processes, especially marketing and sales. We have customized it for email and sales automation. In addition, we have integrated Slack and Google sheets to have a more customized view of the team’s activities.

We consider prospecting as the biggest value that we get from the CRM system. This is because controlling prospecting on the agenda or in the Excel spreadsheet is not very effective because prospecting is always a challenge, but CRM helps in this work. With each contact, our sales team can perceive the evolution of the prospect, if there are effective chances of making him an active customer. Besides, CRM helps us improve our relationship with current customers. With CRM, it becomes easier to solve customer problems and doubts by understanding only what the customer needs and when he needs it. This understanding exponentially improves the relationship.

Internally, we use the CRM system to improve team communication. The better the sales team communicates, the easier it will be to improve this area of the company. The result is more satisfied customers and higher profits at the end of the month. This is where our CRM helps us a lot by identifying the productivity of our team and the strength of each sector with the extracted data.

Name of consultant: Crystal Richards

Comments: I use my CRM more for newsletter distribution. I appreciate how my CRM shows me the total dollars associated with my deals so that’s powerful in showing me the money I need to follow up on. I have the default options for tracking the stages of customers, with the default stages of To Contact, In Contact With, & Follow Up. 

Applications integrated: Email

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