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Best places to host an event in Milan

Best places to host an event in Milan

The following is a directory of event venues in Milan. Descriptions are provided by the venue.

Each venue is categorized as suitable for any of the following types of events:

  • Corporate meeting — Host training, workshops, or an off-site meeting.
  • Stand & mingle — When you want guests to move around and mingle. Focus on quiet venues that facilitate conversation. Venues include private rooms in a bar or restaurant as well as apartments or rooftops you can rent.
  • Sit-down meal — Primarily restaurants. We seek out quieter venues that allow for conversation.
  • Retreat — Host a multi-day off-site retreat, meeting, or workshop with overnight accommodations.
  • Special experience — Unique events such as cruises, hot air balloons, cooking classes, walking tours, and other team building activities.

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El Tombon de San Marc

Elevated offerings in a sophisticated art deco style destination open since 1963. Tombon is one of the historic places in Milan. Located in Brera, it opened in 1963 and was one of the first places in the city to be allowed to remain open even after 8pm. Its retro look is reminiscent of Parisian bistros in perfect art deco style, creating a mysterious and romantic atmosphere that takes you back in time.

The current owner, Antonio, took over the place in 2021 deciding to keep its history intact, preserving the furnishings and the sign. Antonio has been working in the restaurant business since he was a child and has never wanted to leave it. He has collected great successes in the kitchen and founded Cimmino Ristorazione, a group in which Tombon is also included.

Address: Via S. Marco, 20, 20121 Milano MI, Italy
Phone: +39 02 54 077 683
Type of events: Sit-down meal, stand & mingle
Recommended by: Umbrex has hosted an event here.

Other Resources for Finding Event Venues

In addition to the individual event venues listed here, there are also a number of companies and listing platforms that offer many venues across multiple locations. As an additional resource for sourcing the perfect venue for your event, we have created this directory of such websites.