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Library of Creativity Exercises

Library of Creativity Exercises

Umbrex has developed this Library of Creativity Exercises that offers more than 140 practices that can boost or unlock your creativity. Each exercise includes the objective and step-by-step instructions for conducting it.

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Unleashed Episode 5: Srikumar Rao on Creativity and Personal Mastery

Get additional insight into unlocking creativity in Episode 5 of our Unleashed Podcast, where Srikumar Rao discusses several practical exercises from his course at Columbia Business School: Creativity and Personal Mastery.

List of Creativity Exercises

30 Circles

30 Minutes a Day

100 MPH Thinking

Analogy and Metaphor

Anti-Problem Exercise

Appreciation and Gratitude

Architecture Appreciation

Art Therapy

Attribute Listing

Audacious Goal Setting



Blind Drawing



Book of the Dead



Bugged List


Card Sorting

Change Perspective: Think Like a Child

Change Perspective: Competitor

Change Perspective: Different Gender

Change Perspective: Different Profession

Change Perspective: Fictional Character

Change Perspective: Professor or Academic

Change Perspective: Role Model

Change Perspective: Superhero

Change the Words

Change Three Things

Circle of Opportunity

City Nature Walk

Clever Trevor


Color Hunt

Color Questions

Connect the Unconnected

Constrained Writing



Deep Dive

Design Challenge

Design Sprint

Do Something Boring

Draw Toast

Dream Headline


Eating in Silence

Elevator Pitch

Empathy Mapping

Experience Mapping

Express Gratitude to a Person

Exquisite Corpse

Failure Resume

FCB Grid


Finding What You’re Not Looking For

Fishbone Diagrams

Five Senses

Five Whys

Force Field Analysis

Friends and Enemies

Future Fruit

Futures Wheel


Gallery Walk

Generate Questions Not Solutions

Historical Imagining

Hot Seating

How Might We

Idea Bank

Idea Building Blocks

Idea Market

Image Streaming

Imagine You Are the Problem

Invisible Ink

Knowing How to See

Looking at the Other Side

Looking in Other Worlds

Lotus Blossom Technique

Magic Wand


Mental Models

Metaphor Walk

Mind Chatter

Mind Mapping

Mind Popping

Mind Sculpture

Morning Pages

Nature Meditation

Nature Sketching

Nature’s Pattern Finding

Negative Brainstorming


NUF Test

Oblique Strategies

One Word Technique

Osborn’s Checklist

Phoenix Checklist

Picasso’s Technique

Playful Questions

Playing with Toys

Poetry in Nature

Progressive Abstraction

Provocation Operation

Public Art Exploration

Rephrase the Problem

Reversing Assumptions


Rose, Thorn, Bud

Sand Tray

SCAMPER Technique

Seeing All Sides

Sensory Exploration Walk

Shared Canvas Painting

Six Thinking Hats

Sound Mapping

Squeezing the Challenge


Stare at a Painting

Stargazing Stories


Sunrise/Sunset Reflections

System Mapping

Team Coat of Arms

The Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic

Think Bubbles

Thought Walk

Tiny Truths

Vision Board

What is Your Business?

Word Association Chain

Working Backward

Worst Possible Idea

Write a List of 10 Ideas

Yes, And…

Your Ideal Job