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Business and Correspondence Card Templates

Business and Correspondence Card Templates

Business cards are one of the first things a new independent consultant orders. Professional correspondence cards with your firm name and logo are also nice to have. This resource provides business and correspondence card templates that you can use to create your own cards.

Whether you are ordering business cards for the first time for a new consulting practice, or you are redesigning cards or creating correspondence cards, our professionally developed templates offer a starting point to help you design business and correspondence cards.

Business card template

While business cards may seem a bit old-school today, they are a professional tool to have when you’re sitting down with a client for the first time or at a networking event. If someone hands you their business card, it’s embarrassing if you don’t have one with which to reciprocate.

We recommend using a professional designer to create your business card. We’ve had the business card template, below, created by a professional designer that you can use and easily customize yourself with your firm name, logo, and information.

We also suggest that you go with high quality printing. We use, and order their deluxe, extra-thick card stock. 

Click the image below to download an Adobe Illustrator file that contains the business card template you can customize:

Click to download file

Correspondence card template

In addition to business cards we recommend that you order correspondence cards approximately four inches by six inches.

These are a nice touch to send out as thank you notes — for example, you could send a note after you’ve met a potential client that says, “It was nice to meet you, I enjoyed the discussion.”

You can also send a note at the end of a project, thanking people for their help on it. It’s just a really nice touch to send a physical note in the mail. And if you have a stack of these sitting by your desk or in your laptop bag, you’re a lot more likely to send them out.

At Umbrex, our correspondence card includes:

  • Our logo
  • Individual’s name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number

We recommend for these, as well.

Click the image below to download an Adobe Illustrator file that contains the correspodence card template you can customize:

Click to download file

20 occasions for sending a card

  1. Follow up and thanks to a potential client after a context discussion
  2. Thank a client at the end of a project
  3. Thank a person for being a guest on your podcast
  4. Thank a person for contributing to your newsletter, blog, workshop, webinar, etc.
  5. Thank a person for a referral to a client or job opportunity
  6. Thank team members at the end of a project
  7. Note to a speaker at an event
  8. Note to someone you met at a networking event
  9. Note to the front desk manager at a hotel to highlight superior service of a particular employee
  10. Congrats to a friend or colleague who you see quoted in the press or interviewed
  11. Note to an author on how much a book meant to you
  12. Note to a teacher from high school or college that you were thinking about them or their impact
  13. Express thanks for a gift
  14. A note of gratitude to an employee who has gone the extra mile
  15. Thank a vendor for above-and-beyond service that has positively impacted your business
  16. Thank someone for meeting for lunch
  17. Thanks to a dinner host
  18. Donation thank you to someone who contributed to a fundraising or charitable effort you organized
  19. Thanks to a client or colleague who recommended you, wrote you a testimonial, or provided a case study
  20. A note to a friend or colleague who has undergone a major life change (wedding, promotion, job change, death in the family, etc.)

Additional resources

Recommended printing resources:

  • Moo is our top recommended website for printing business cards and stationary.
  • TechRadar offers additional sites for printing business cards.
Moo business and correspodence cards is our recommended website for printing cards

Logo/graphic design sources:

  • Our Directory of Website Professionals offers listings on hundreds of design professionals, including graphic and logo designers.
  • Consider using design crowdsourcing sites such as crowdSPRING or 99designs. On these sites, you post the project and multiple designers offer their solution. You pick the winner. To get a quality logo, you should guarantee that someone wins the prize, and make the prize higher than the minimum fee.
  • Or choose a designer whose style you like. On Fiverr you can find designers and see a portfolio of their work.
  • You can find custom correspondence cards on Etsy.