2023 Resource Bundle

2023 Resource Bundle

More than 100,000 professionals downloaded management consulting resources that Umbrex published in 2023. 

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This bundle includes:

The Umbrex PowerPoint Template, 3rd Edition

A library of more than 200 PowerPoint templates that you can modify and use in your consulting practice. The library includes bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots, data maps, concepts, and more — used by major consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG.

The Umbrex Library of Industry KPIs

More than 1,600 Key Performance Indicators and their definitions across 32 industries.

The Umbrex Library of Functional KPIs

Library of useful Key Performance Indicators for a variety of typical groups and functions within a company — more than 1,000 KPIs in all.

The Umbrex Commercial Due Diligence Playbook

Guide to conducting a comprehensive investigation into a business or individual before signing a contract, acquiring a company, or undertaking any significant transaction or partnership.

The Umbrex Email Deliverability Playbook

Resource to help ensure that your emails achieve high deliverability rates, are delivered to the intended audience, and have the best chance of being opened and read.

The Umbrex Project Management Office Playbook

A comprehensive guide to setting up, managing, and optimizing a PMO within your organization.

The Umbrex Post-Merger Integration Playbook

A step-by-step manual for a post-merger integration. It clarifies what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.

The Umbrex Consulting Skills Self-Assessment Toolkit

An assessment tool for rating your consulting skills across more than 50 areas.

The Umbrex RFP Playbook

A detailed guide to to each step of the RFP process including checklists, examples, and templates.

The Umbrex Board Reporting Package

A guide that details each of the pieces that go into a Board Pack. 

The Umbrex Executive Handover Playbook

Guide to creating a formal process when handing over a managerial role from one executive to another. This playbook includes a set of comprehensive checklists to ensure a flawless transfer.

The Umbrex Voice of the Customer Interview Guide

A guide to take consultants through a comprehensive list of interview questions covering topics one might want to ask a customer of a target company, its competitors, or industry experts.

The Umbrex Guide to Getting Started With Advanced Data Analysis in ChatGPT

A guide to lead you through learning how to use the ChatGPT Beta ADA feature to analyze data. It includes a step-by-step workbook, video workshop, and two sample download files.

The Umbrex Guide on How to Find Clients

Approaches and strategies you can adopt that will provide a systematic framework for targeting — and reaching — your ideal clients.

The Umbrex Library of Policy Documents

A collection of individual policies that are written for boutique consulting firms and independent consultants. 

The Umbrex B2B Survey Question Bank

A comprehensive list of B2B survey questions that might be used when writing, fielding and analyzing B2B surveys on behalf of private equity clients for due diligence and corporate clients for all types of market research.