Establish guidelines for the new way of working in the pandemic

March 23, 2020

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  • Secure a comprehensive spreadsheet of:

    • Everyone’s details (staff, trustees, suppliers, clients/customers/beneficiaries, bank & other advisors)
    • Any critical account numbers/ essential logistics
  • Work out the new rhythm of meetings (frequency, duration, format, platform, etc) 
  • Establish protocols for working remotely and flexibly – aligned with the company’s values

    • What expectations are there on hours, staff attendance, behaviors, deadlines, etc
  • Understand any new cost implications or liabilities for your business that arise from new working arrangements and/or business model (eg can a restaurant or pub start doing home deliveries using private vehicles?)
  • Check access rights/conditions to use buildings (eg if local government-owned) for continuity of essential services
  • Check terms on leases for premises you may not be using at present

    • Can you get out of them if you need to?
    • What ongoing obligations do you have (maintenance, security, service fees) that could be scaled back or reduced for now?
  • Beware of increased fraud risk in times of confusion and uncertainty
  • Look at key person dependencies and succession planning/ training an understudy to step in if necessary
  • Figure out the best way and assign responsibility for staying up to date with reliable announcements and the changing landscape, and relaying information to staff to minimize the disruption from rumors
  • Connect with your industry/ sector bodies, local chambers of commerce, other local businesses to share ideas and resources – you’re not alone


Nick Elliott

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