Jennifer Smith on Scribe

Jennifer Smith is the co-founder and CEO of Scribe, a Princeton and Harvard alum, and a former VC and McKinsey consultant turned accidental CEO. She interviewed more than 1,200 business leaders on a quest to understand everything there is to know about corporate processes, best practices, and productivity. In today’s episode, Jennifer talks about her […]

Episode 463: Johannes Hoech on an Affordable MarTech Stack

Johannes Hoech is a C-level Silicon Valley executive who is experienced in “Growth Architecting”. He is an expert analyst and motivational leader with proven skills in general management, strategy, product management, and customer success.  With 25+ years of experience leading technology startups through early stage, high growth, and turnaround phases, he has a strong understanding […]

Episode 397: ERP Systems

Sam Gupta is the principal consultant at ElevatIQ, Inc., and in this episode, he talks about manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.